A new story mini-series that has it's origins in the new TransMasters online magazine. The first two parts were originally published there. I've put them up here now and will continue the series with four more segments.

Each segment is from the perspective of one or the other Transformers character and follows a general story thread that chronicles their history. (All the parts are in pdf format).

Chapter One: Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime as he awaits a mission that will seal his destiny.
Chapter Two: Megatron. Megatron on the eve of his greatest triumph over his enemy.
Chapter Three: Grimlock. Grimlock is reborn on a primitive world, lost and alone. But a darker fate awaits him!
Chapter Four: Prowl. Prowl leads a team on Earth as they set out to make contact with a dangerous new life form: Humanity!
Chapter Five: Shockwave Shockwave studies the inhabitants of Earth while he devises new ways to subjugate them.
Chapter Six: Alphatrion Alphatrion, eldest of all Transformers, ponders the Great War and considers the terrible price his people have paid--and the burdens still to come.

With the sixth chapter, this series comes to a close (I could keep it going forever but I've exhausted my initial ideas for it and would rather it stand with what's there then try to continue it for the sake of continuing it).