Function: Chief of Security
Sub-Group: None
First Appearance: TF:BOP #6

Compassion is weakness

Profile:  Cold as ice. She is merciless, fierce and intelligent. She has few friends among her peers--some despise her intensity in battle and her lack of general friendliness while others dislike her continuing record of efficiency.
    A Decepticon of few words, Frostwing is a very accomplished tactician both on and off the battlefield. She projects fear onto her enemies and favors strongly offensive tactics to keep them off-balance. Similarily, she intimidates subordinates and peers alike into following orders. Few truly understand her or her behavior--those that do are either command level Decepticons or ones who don't fear her.
    As Security Chief, Frostwing sees her first duty as protecting Megatron and the Dark Glory. She has deep respect for her Commander and his vision for the Decepticons--and her respect is not easily given to anyone.

Abilities:  Transforms into a Xtallian battleship. These vessels are reknowned for their speed and armor. She can attain Hyperspace (and several multiples of light speed). She is armed with neutron missiles, photon pulse bursts and standard laser weapons. The quad laser battery atop her hull can rotate 360 degrees and up to 90 degree angles.
    In robot mode, she possesses a plasma rifle, throwing stars, two sais and two wrist-mounted guns filled with Glass Gas. She is also quite agile and fast in this form.

Strength: 6              Speed: 10    
Endurance: 8          Rank: 8
Courage: 9              Skill: 8
Intelligence: 8         Firepower: 7