Function: Aerial Assault
Sub-Group: Air Defence Force
First Appearance:  Transformers: Balance of Power #4

Without danger, life is meaningless!

Profile:  Firestorm is the type of Autobot who likes jumping into a firefight and not stopping until he's out of ammunition.  He's not a psychopath who thrives on violence--he just loves action and danger. Gets bored and depressed if he's not in the thick of some risky mission somewhere. Has little semblence of a life outside his work. He finds hobbies boring because they're not exciting enough for him.  He's secretly glad the War has started again, because it gives him a real purpose. If the War ever truly ends, he'd probably strike out on his own and find some action in the alien depths of the Galaxy.

Abilities:  Firestorm transforms into a Orgellian (Or-gay-lee-an) starfighter, a very fast ship capable of light speeds. In fighter mode, possesses photon guns, neutron missiles and photon bursts which can throw off tracking missiles.  In robot mode, armed with explosive-bullet machine gun capable of 30,000 rounds per minute and a smaller photon rifle.

Weaknesses:  Only possesses normal armor and standard weaponry which cannot always be sufficient in some of the combat situations Firestorm gets himself into.

Strength: 7             Speed: 8                Intelligence: 7
Endurance: 7          Rank: 5                  Firepower: 7
Courage: 9             Skill: 7



Profile by Tony Klepack