The Disciples of Primus

Function: Assault
Sub-Group: None
First Appearance: BOP #6

Profile: As the Great War spread throughout Cybertron, it affected the inhabitants in various ways. Some were forced to join either the Autobots or Decepticons to ensure their continued survival. Others moved to remote locations and maintained their strict neutrality while still others sought requiem off-world. The Disciples were one such group, fed up with the constant killing and brutality around them, they constructed a fleet of spacecraft and left their home world behind for new horizons.
    Out in the stellar depths of deep space, they encountered the Masters accidentally. Being a peaceful voyage, the Disciples were inadequately defended and easily overwhelmed by this new enemy. Instead of merely disposing with their foe, the Masters decided instead to use their forms and ships as raw material to construct a vast new army of drone Transformers that they would then set against Cybertron and its people.
    After many years of work and planning, the Disciples re-emerged and struck Cybertron, Earth and Syrra IV simultaneously. One objective of theirs was to capture as many of the Transformers as possible and convert them into additional drones to augment their ranks even further–a plan thwarted somewhat by Megatron’s large contingent of Decepticons.
    Another lesser known and far more important objective was for the Disciples to occupy Cybertron so they could locate the final resting place of the Last Autobot and extract its power source–the last essence of the Transformers and Masters Grand Creator, Primus.
    The Disciples of Primus had been controlled by a vast Artificial Intelligence system the Masters had devised that coordinated all of their actions everywhere simultaneously (even over vast spatial distances). With their recent defeat on Cybertron, the Disciples are no more.

Abilities:  Every drone had a clone body and was able to transform into either a tank or space fighter, depending upon the situation they encountered. Every drone had standard energy weapons as well as projectiles at their disposal. It is unclear whether or not the drones could jump to hyperspace or not as none were observed doing so and always relied on their battle ships for long distance travel. By itself, a drone was a match for the average Transformer although their real power came from their sheer numbers in a battle, which could easily overwhelm an enemy with little difficulty.

The Disciples battle cruisers (front and top views)