Function: Mobile Command Centre
Type: Cybertron-class Command Ship
First Appearance: BOP: The Game

Profile: The Dark Glory, is the single-largest` vessel every constructed by the Decepticons. It was built to be the primary base in Megatron's new empire. It was thought to be more logical to construct a mobile fortress which was more heavily fortified than a 'land-locked' base on a potentially vulnerable planet. The Glory was built at the Sky'arx Shipyards (the empire's primary, and first, facility of that type). The Dark Glory incorporates 95% technology either created by Megatron's mysterious benefactors, or else technology of theirs which has since been enhanced upon by the Empire.
    It is hoped that within ten years time, the empire will have no less than five Cybertron-class vessels to protect its holdings and to deploy conquest and cyberforming forces more quickly. Currently, the Dark Glory's sister ship, Dark Storm, is 60% complete.

Abilities:  The Dark Glory is 25, 000 m in length, and carries a standard crew of 750 000 personnel. If can carry up to 250 000 more in emergency situations. It is defended by dual-layering energy shields, and its weaponry includes 725 laser batteries, 610 particle beam batteries, 560 missile launchers, and 428 photon pulse burst" launchers. The Glory also possesses complete physical and electronic cloaking capability-rendering the ship invisible to any known form of sensor device. The ship has 4 main docking bays, and 18 smaller docking bays for fighters and cargo transfers.