Avatar Prime
Function: Leader
Sub-Group: The Circle of Primes
First Appearance: BOP #12
An open mind is the greatest tool at one’s disposal–and the greatest weapon.

Profile:  The longest serving member of the Circle of Primes, the leaders of the mysterious Children of Primus. Avatar Prime was the most trusted and respected leader of his people, garnering their love and admiration time and again for his decision making skills and wisdom. He believed in the best interests of his people and was one of the Circle who questioned the implementation of the Disciples against their ancient Cybertronian enemy. He chose to believe in Sunfire’s plan because she seemed sincere in her belief that unity with their enemies was the best course of action. He also sensed she was innocent and full of life, not unlike his deceased daughter of years before whom had died in an accidental cave-in. Unfortunately, his beliefs lead to his downfall and he was the prime target of the Armada’s assassin.
    A born leader with a heart of gold. He had lived many years and experienced many hardships yet he was not bitter, merely thankful for the experience he had gained and how it contributed further to his leadership skills. Thoughtful, kind and wise, Avatar was the perfect embodiment of what a leader should be. He was assertive but not stubborn. Strong but not inflexible. He had no enemies among his people because he was beloved so for the generous person he was.

Abilities:  Like all of the Masters, Avatar Prime was an advanced human being with mental abilities far beyond that of a normal human life form. His powers included telepathy as well as swifter reasoning skills, physical reactions and enhanced senses. With the addition of his Armor, he also gained access to telekinesis, flight and energy attacks that can cripple a typical Transformer exposed to it. The more Masters that are in proximity to one another, the stronger the energy attacks can become.