Function: Leader
Sub-Group: The Core
First Appearance: BOP #17 (unnamed); BOP #26 (named)

Uniqueness must be defended at any cost!

Profile:  Even from an early age, Autaras had been a devout believer in his people’s destiny and he swiftly worked hard to rise through the ranks until he was nominated to the Core–the council that rules the Armada. Cold, mysterious, malicious and calculating. His ambition knows no bounds... Is very adept at manipulation, even for a member of the Core. Used his power and influence to become the Chair of the Core. Under his persuasion, the Armada have become even more successful at their genocidal agenda against the Transformers of the Multi-verse.
    With his acquisition of the Infinity Ring in an extinguished universe, has all but assumed control of the Armada completely as none dare to challenge him, fearing his great power.

Abilities:  Like all of the Armada, Autaras is a fusion of Cybertronian technology and human D.N.A. to the Nth degree. Is merged on an atomic level with his technology–is able to merge with his ships, allowing him to walk through walls or absorb/lose mass from the very substance of the vessels. He is able to interface with any inanimate machine and make it do his will.
    Thanks to his possession of the Infinity Ring, was virtually indestructible as well as capable of extraordinary feats of power, the extent of which was undetermined.