Function: Aerial assault
Sub-group: Air Defense Force
First Appearance:Transformers: Balance of Power #4

Life is too short to not have fun!

Profile:  Airlift despises the realities of war. She loves life and everything about it and hates the killing and horror associated with war.
    Airlift wishes life was not so serious all the time and likes to tell jokes all the time to try and get others to laugh. Although it's a certainty others can annoyed at her joviality at the wrong times. She also uses her sense of humour to cover up how she really feels, knowing that things aren't so bad when seen from a light-hearted viewpoint. Airlift is, in reality, one of the most soulful Autobots in existence. Many don't realize this about her but she understands the meaning of life and always "sees the forest for the trees."

Abilities:  Transforms into an AX-250 helicopter. A very fast Cybertronian model capable of Mach 2 with her afterburners. She can also attain low orbit. Possesses two twin neutro-fusion cannons and several neutron missiles. Has several high tech sensors built into her chopper mode as well.
    In robot mode, has shoulder-mounted twin neutro-fusion cannons, photon rifle and laser pistol. Also has spear with Dutrillium head and shaft. It can produce an optional electro-field to stun her enemies or overload them. This ability is activated mentally only by her and is thus, tamper proof.

Strength: 6           Speed: 7            Intelligence: 7
Endurance: 8       Rank: 5               Firepower: 7
Courage: 7           Skill: 8



Profile by Tony Klepack