Richard Wegruk Bolt, Jr Bares Testimony

Hello Corinne,

It was very enjoyable talking to you yesterday about your family and the family of Richard Bolt Jr.

I found a picture of Richard Bolt Jr in his military uniform.

I took it to a camera shop today so I can have a quality reproduction made for you. It will be ready for pickup on Thursday. I have also made a copy of a letter Richard wrote to me shortly after I entered my mission in May of 1962. I will send it with the picture on Thursday.

You will be able see that he was a man of great faith and a person that knew that out Heavenly Father is aware of us and answers our prayers. I will tell you how I met Richard and tell you of a special experience I had with him.

We were both members of the Alaska National Guard and attended our 6 months basic training in the same company at Fort Ord, California during the summer and fall of 1961. I have always had a lot of love for the Eskimo People, so when I saw him in our company I befriended him and we became very good friends.

After basic training we both returned back to Alaska. He to Barrow and me to Anchorage. During a two week training at Fort Richardson we were able to meet again. He attended church with me and he commented after church that he had never seen so many ladies wearing dresses all at the same time.

That evening we attendedd a fireside meeting with the youth of the church. Several of the youth bore their testimonies. After the meeting I drove him back to Fort Richardson and he bore his testimony to me.

He said that when he was born, he was born blind. He said his mother always taught him to say his prayers. He said that when he was 6 years old he can remember of praying and running and jumping and shouting and throwing his arms in the air because he was able to see.

Then he told me of another time when his prayer was answered. He said that he and his little sister were riding in the dog sleigh with his mother on behind driving the team. They were running parallel with a river then the dogs turned to go across the river.

The ice was too thin and they fell through the ice. He said he and his mother were able to get out but his sister was tangled in the ropes of the dogs. He said he prayed and his sister became untangled and they were able to get her out. I asked what happened to the dogs and he said they all drowned.

I saw Richard a few times after that. He stayed with my wife and I when he would come to Anchorage. The last time I saw him was a short time after he and Darling were married. I moved from Alaska in April of 1976 and lost contact with him.

After buying a computer I have tried to locate him without success. So I was thrilled when I found

I had a good cry when I heard that he had passed away, but my joy was full when I learned that his temple work had been completed and that he and his wife have three daughters

Richard has always been a very dear friend of mind and I am looking forward to seeing him again in the next phase of our eternal progression.

Sincerely, and a special thanks to you for the work you are doing for your extended family. Richard L. Burr

I contacted my mother Iva Bolt and she said why

Uncle Richard kept hitting things with his face, his body and one day he no longer did all that.

My mom found out later on that was he was born partial blind and was better. She never knew what or how he can see.

Early 1950s - The sister of Uncle Richard was Clara Bolt his older sister. They were going out to get fresh Ice for water when the water cracked on them and fell into the river.

My mother was with her father Richard Bolt, Sr. during this and was a volunteer helper at Presbyterian Church.

The river is near Barrow and lot of women would go fitch ice.

My adopted dad also went out to the river and got us ice for water


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