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Losing the Afterburner

Due to EPA regulations, Kawasaki has some interesting equipment on our engines. It's purported to recycle some of the unburnt exhaust gases through the engine, burning them off and thus reducing emissions. What the system manages to do is make the exhaust pipes hotter than Hell, and in most cases (especially when coupled with the lean factory mixture setting) causing popping in the pipes during decelleration and occasional backfires.

Removing this equipment is a simple process, does no harm to the bike or the engine, cools off the exhausts considerably (reducing bluing and cooling off the air flowing over the rider's right leg) and in most cases eliminates the popping.

The Illustrated Guide takes you through the whole procedure, from removing the seat to buttoning everything back up.

Feel free to download the PDF file below (right click on the icon and "Save Target As") and print it out. In order to do so, however, you will need Adobe Reader; if you don't have that, click on the "Get Adobe Reader" banner, and you will be taken to Adobe's site.

Please remember that this file is for your own personal use; do not distribute it to others. It is a document that is under continual revision, and dissemination of earlier versions might lead to others making mistakes due to outdated and superseded information. Not to mention that it's downright rude! If you receive a request from another rider for this file, kindly direct them to this site. Thank you.

Losing the Afterburner

Losing the Afterburner

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