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Astrological Lessons

This lesson will help you learn to recognize the chart patterns.

Chart Patterns

These are the recognized patterns that are produced by the distribution
of planets in a chart. They consist of :- Bowl, Bucket, Bundle,
Locomotive, See-Saw, Sling, Splash and Splay.

The Bowl

The bowl pattern consists of all 10 planets contained within 6 or 7 adjacent houses creating a 'bowl' shape. This is indicative of a self contained personality. The lead planet (clockwise), will have special significance.

The majority of planets above the horizon (the thick horizontal line) can show that the individual's focus in life is on conscious, external activities. Things like socializing, work and ambition.

Most planets below the horizon emphasis more personal issues such as health, self image, family, property and the sense of belonging.

When the majority of planets are on the left side of the chart then the individual is likely to take direct control of their lives. Whilst most planets on the right side indicate that the individual's life is greatly influenced by other people.

The Bucket

The bucket is like the bowl, but with a handle, that is, one planet or a conjunction of planets (within 8 degrees of each other) is on the opposite side to the majority of planets which form a bucket.

Obviously this is less one sided than the bowl. The general principles of the hemispheres are the same as the bowl. However, the 'handle' should indicate an area of concentrated activity, where most effort will be directed. The 'Bucket' in the picture could show an individual that whose life is greatly influenced by others, this could affect the way they project themselves to the world. It could cause them to be very aware of their own self image, their health, weight and appearance in general (the 'handle' is in the first house that governs self image and appearance).

The Bundle

The 'Bundle' consists of the planets being tightly grouped, usually all within 120 degrees, covering approximately one third of the chart.

This grouping can indicate the specialist, someone that is highly strung and focused on one area of life. Positively this could indicate a genius, however, it can also denote that the individual is an obsessive.

The picture of the Bundle on the left could indicate someone that is obsessed with personal relationships, their reliance on others, sex, death, freedom, learning, teaching or religion (7th, 8th and 9th houses). It could indicate the religious guru or the serial killer.

The Locomotive

The 'Locomotive' chart is one in which the planets are pretty evenly spaced, except for 2 or 3 consecutive houses, which can be up to 4 consecutive signs that contain no planets.

On the one hand this pattern can indicate that the 'lead' planet (clockwise) and its house will be of special significance in the persons life. However, the consecutively empty houses (signs), can also indicate areas or vulnerability which require special attention.

The SeeSaw

The 'See-Saw' can indicate fluctuating behavior patterns.

There are two very distinct sides to this individual's personality. Whether there will be indecisiveness or a conflict within the person will depend upon the aspects. Contrary behavior and actions often occur.

The Sling

A 'Sling' is like a 'Bundle' but one of the planets or a conjunction (within 8 degrees of one another) of planets are outside of the 120 degree area.

This configuration is very similar to the 'Bucket', but the 'handle' planet(s) holds much more significance. Not only might this person be somewhat obsessed, as in the Bundle, but the energy from the Bundle of planets is directed towards the 'handle'. This can often indicate someone that has a vocational calling or feel they have a mission in life. Special attention should be given to the placement by house and sign of the 'handle' planet(s).

The Splash

In a 'Splash chart the planets are evenly placed and occupying most of the signs.

In a positive chart this can show a knowledgeable person with a wide range of interests.

However, in the negative chart energies can be scattered and the individual may lack direction in life.

The Splay

Similar to the 'Splash' chart except, the 'Splay' chart contains at least one stellium ( 3 or more planets grouped together in same house or sign).

This can suggest that the individual will resent limitations and restrictions. The area of the stellium will be of special significance. Very much the individualist.

In Summery:

All planets in 1/3 of chart (90 degrees) - Bundle.

As above but one planet (or conjunction of planets) outside of the 90 degrees. - Sling.

All planets in of chart (120 degrees) - Bowl.

As above but one planet (or conjunction of planets) outside of the 120 degrees. - Basket.

Planets evenly spread around chart, with 2 or 3 consecutive houses empty. - Locomotive.

Two planetary groups in opposition. - See-saw.

Planets evenly distributed in as many signs as possible. - Splash.

Like Spash but with a stellium (small group) of planets in one sign or house. - Splay.

Exercise 1

Look at your three sample charts and determine the chart pattern. Then write what you think the pattern denotes in each case.