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The product is small; you can do it on the kitchen table.
We will pay you instantly, on the same day and mail you
more to do.
Within a few short weeks you will earn $500 to $1,000 OR MORE.
Every time you send us finished products,
you will receive additional envelopes with unfinished Kits
in them and checks.
You will receive 10-50 checks daily.
We can also do direct deposit,
PayPal or credit your Visa account.

You will have detailed assembly instructions
and a working sample. We will do everything in our
power to bring you up to full speed. We can almost
GUARANTEE that you will start earning money within a
few short weeks.

When you start cranking this up you will have checks coming in daily.

You will not need to go to UPS or FED-EX. Simply drop your envelopes into the nearest mailbox.
We pay $7.50 for each finished product, + $1.25 reimbursement for the envelope, + full reimbursement for the postage charges and
we do it on the very same day.
We have plenty of references! 25 years in business, same location.
Not a single valid complaint anywhere!

We will reimburse you for the envelope and the postage stamps. We send everything by airmail to all foreign countries. Return finished product the same.

When you send us your name, postal mailing address we
will tell you the problems manufacturers face.
The dangers of employee-s frivolous law suits,
governmental interference.
We are frightened by this and we want to stay small.

There hasn-t been a business opportunity like this
in the past 50 years
and maybe won-t ever come again.
If you are serious about making
money at home you CANNOT pass this up.

Why do we have the cleanest factory? Because we farm
out our assembly work to outside contractors.