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Summary of Haunted Ohio 3 by Chris Woodyard

Haunted Ohio 3 has a collection of stories about Ohioans and their occurances with the paranormal. It explains about four different types of ghosts and why these ghosts are here on earth. This book also includes a list of ghost hunting supplies and what ghost hunters do to find a ghost. I found this book intriguing because it is centered around Ohioans and their goings on with the paranormal.

Different types of ghosts

There are 4 types of ghosts: Poltergeist, Avenger, Message Bringer, and Haunters. They each are here for different reasons. Below is a description of all the ghosts and why the reasons for there existence.


Poltergeists are mischievous ghosts that are known for making mysterious noises. They are invisible and all they want to do is cause trouble. They can pick things up and throw them, move things, and even open and close doors, windows, etc. Poltergeists usually exist to protect a place or thing and keep people away.


Avengers are ghosts that want to get revenge for something. This may be for being wrongfully accused of murder and was put to death. It also may be as simple as if someone smashed their favorite glass plate and they want to get back at them. These ghosts can not harm you, they will just try to get back at you by haunting you and making your life miserable. These ghosts can be seen.

Message Bringer

A Message Bringer is simply a ghost that wants to give a message to a particular person or maybe to everyone. They may come to the same place at the same time everyday until the message has been given. They repeat the same thing over and over or they may say it once and then vanish. The ghost may not say anything but instead give hints or write their message on paper or walls. They will do whatever the can to deliver the message. The message may be anything, it could be telling you where their fortune is burried or why they did something. A Message Bringer can be seen and may stop coming once their message has been heard.


Haunters are the most common of ghosts. They are simply here to haunt. They may haunt a person, place, or thing. An example would be a ghost haunting a buiding to make sure no one else lives there. Haunters can not harm you but can scare you. Sometimes that is what they want to do, but other times they will be offended that you're scared of them. They will not go away like a Message Bringer or Avenger because they are destined to haunt and won't stop. These ghosts are best left alone and if you don't bug them they won't bug you. These ghosts can be seen.

What a Ghost Hunter Does!

A person who is a Ghost Hunter goes to different houses that have had reported ghost sightings and tries to find out if there really is a ghost. If a ghost is there, then they try to figure out why. Once they find that out, they help the ghost so it can "pass on" to its after-life. Sometimes, the ghost will never leave because it can't. If this happens the family just has to get used to the ghost living there.

What a ghost hunter brings with them when ghost hunting

  1. Empty notebook to record observations
  2. A tape recorder with voice activation
  3. A thermometer, one that measures air temperature
  4. A friend (to keep you company, help you, and keep you from getting scared)

Here is a list of signs that a ghost is in your house

Here is a list of places ghosts could be


Below are some short stories from the book. They are all about weird occurences with the paranormal. The creepiest thing about these stories is that they are all true and took place in Ohio!!!

"The Cold Spot"

One day a Ghost Hunter was called to come to a house near Cleveland. When he got there the owner of the house walked him up the stairs. At the top was a cold spot. The room temp. was normal but the temp. at the top of the stairs was about 15 degrees below the room temperature. The ghost hunter later found out that a lady who used to live in the house had died in the house. He concluded that the ghost was the ghost of the lady that had died. She was haunting the steps that she had walked up and down millions of times and now she'll be there forever.

"The Face in the Attic"

One warm, summer afternoon, the Brown family was getting home from a picnic lunch at the park. When Mrs.Brown stepped out of the car she glanced up at their attic window. A pale, white face looked back at her. She jumped and ran inside and into the attic but no one was there. Similer to the previous story, a young man had died in that attic room and is to this day haunting it foreever.


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