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The best way to describe the flock is to go through our daily routine (and you will understand why vacation is out of the question!!)

First thing every morning is cutting up a wide variety of cleaned fresh vegetables and distributing them.  The favorites are broccoli and corn, but they do accept sweet snap peas, green beans, squash and carrots.  I generally add either cooked brown rice, pasta, or cheerios with the vegetables.  They remain accessible to the birds for 2 hours, as I don't want bacteria to grow and be ingested.

Next fresh water is given to all.  I use only bottled water with no sodium.  Since my birds are all eating what they should, I do not add vitamins or minerals to their water.  They do have mineral blocks, beak blocks and cuttlefish bone in their cages.

Then the day really begins.  Every other day the cockatiels and the senegal receive a spray mist.  Not only does it make them feel good, but it rids their area of feather dander.  This is done early morning (usually before I begin cleaning the other cages) so the feathers under the wings are dry by night - time.  Then we take turns on who goes first, but the birds are allowed out of their cages (one pair at a time - except Cleo and Zipper and Pearl who are constantly out) and each toy, each perch, each cage bar and the grates are cleaned while the birds are playing on one of the assorted toys set up for them.  It takes approximately 20 min. per cage.  After the cage is all nice and clean, fresh seed, nutriberries and oyster shells are given out.  When a food dish becomes soiled, or if it has been a couple days in use, the birds receive fresh food dishes. Wednesdays and Sundays they each receive a millet spray.

Before returning to their cages, all birds receive some cuddles and loving.  Some of the birds stay on my shoulder the entire time I clean their cages, as they are wanting more attention!

Once everyone is all cleaned up and loved on - the playgyms, window sills, lights and hanging perches are cleaned.   The floor is swept or vacuumed and mopped.

About 2 p.m. fruit is cleaned, cut up and given out (apples being the FAVORITE)  I allow them to keep their fruit for about two hours.  When I remove their fruit, they all get a small piece of wheat bread.  The Abyssinians also get figs, juniper berries and black sunflower seeds. Every other day all the lovebirds get a small saucer of water to bathe in, but most prefer their water dish!

Each pair of birds are let out to play again (one pair at a time)  for 20-30 minutes.  While they are out playing, their cage liners and water are changed, and each bird given more attention.  Cleo is allowed into the living room with me so she can receive some special attention as she has no mate - the others are all paired up.

That brings us to about 6 p.m.  Everyone all rounded up, lights turned low, they know it's time to prepare for bed (eat seeds or nutriberries, bathe in the clean water so it gets replaced again, etc.)

At 7 p.m., Cloudy and Stormy come out to snuggle in my shirt as I cover the cages with the sheets.  Cleo is saying "night night, go night night" until all lights are off.  When Cloudy and Stormy are tucked in, the floor is swept and mopped, and a spot check cleanup of the playstands, lights and window sills is done. that they are in bed, I need to do the laundry (all those washcloths from the clean-ups) and sanitize the dishes.  Then I repair or make new toys (I like to give them new toys every week to avoid boredom) or create a new web site.  Time for myself?  What's that!  (And I wouldn't have it any other way!)

I do manage to mow the lawn, keep up with the garden, cook dinner, etc. I think life was extremely boring before I was blessed with all these children!

Questions and comments are welcome!   We hope you enjoyed your visit!