My collection (There are about 700-900 3D packs)

The Prince packs are from Norway and Denmark

The one Prince pack is the "Prince of Blends, Personalecigaretter Må ikke omsættes (Only for factory workers) (soft pack)"

The Salem pack with now health warning is from Finland.

A old Boston soft pack from 1940

A old Kairo pack from 1940 ? + a picture of a cigarette from inside.

A very old Koli pack with 20 cigarettes inside from 1920-30.Made by Tuva OY.

John Silver, Faifax, Bill, Matanzas, Winston, Virginia packs are from Sweden.

Tiofani metal box is from England.

Picture 1-18 are Finnish packs + Ka from USSR.

John Silver (version 1), John Silver (version 2), Matanzas, Tiofani, Bill cigarettes, Winston cigarettes, Virginia, Duke of Durham, Rio (Sweden), Old cigarettes from USSR 1890-1900, Bridge (Sweden), Armiro 2 (Finland), Kilpi (Finland), Old packs from USA?, and tobacco packs from Finland

Picture 1 Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5, Picture 6, Picture 7, Picture 8, Picture 9, Picture 10, Picture 11, Picture 12, Picture 13, Picture 14, Picture 15, Picture 16, Picture 17, Picture 18


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