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I only got the list of British American Tobacco Nordic products.(from a good friend who has a kiosk.)

And thanks to the Newland Tobacco OY Helsinki for the informations about the West packs.

Barclay K.S

Barclay Menthol K.S

Barclay Menthol K.S 10īs

Barclay Number One Menthol K.S

Barclay Kings (soft)

Barclay Smooth & Light

Belmont 2002

Belmont 2002 Menthol

Belmont Extra Mild

Belmont Filter

Camel Filters Generous flavour (new design)

Camel Filters 25īs Generous flavour (new design)

Camel Lights (new design)

Camel Filters Generous flavour (new design)(soft)

Chesterfield K.S

Chesterfield Lights

Chesterfield Lights Menthol

Colt (soft)

Downtown Lights

Downtown Fresh Menthol

Downtown Ultra Lights

Gauloises Blondes Filter


Kevytsavuke 3

Kevytsavuke 5

L&M Full Flavor

L&M Lights

L&M Menthol

L&M Mild

L&M Lights Menthol

L&M Super Lights

L&M Full Flavor 10īs

L&M Lights 10īs

L&M Lights Menthol 10īs

Lucky Strike Filters

Lucky Strike Lights

Lucky Strike Menthol Lights

Marlboro Filter

Marlboro Lights

Marlboro Lights Menthol

Marlboro Ultra Lights

Marlboro Filter 10īs

Marlboro Lights 10īs

Marlboro Filter 100īs

Marlboro Lights 100īs

Marlboro Filter (soft)

Marlboro Lights (soft)

Marlboro Menthol (soft)

Multifilter K.S

North State Filter (soft)

North State Superfine (soft)

North State Full Flavor

Pall Mall Filter

Pall Mall Filter 25īs

Pall Mall Lights

Pall Mall Lights 25īs

Pall Mall Lights Menthol

Pall Mall Lights Menthol 25īs

Pall Mall Menthol

Pall Mall Medium

Pall Mall Ultra Menthol

Pall Mall Ultra Lights

Pall Mall Special One

Prince Of Blends

Prince Lights

Prince Lights Menthol

Smart Full Flavor MAXI 30 cigarettes

Smart Full Flavor (18 cigarettes)

Smart Lights MAXI 30 cigarettes

Smart Lights (18 cigarettes)

Smart Lights Menthol MAXI 30 cigarettes

Smart Lights Menthol (18 cigarettes)

Smart Full Flavor 10īs

Smart Lights 10īs

Smart Lights Menthol 10īs

Ultra Kevyt 1

Viceroy Full Flavor (18 cigarettes)

Viceroy Lights (18 cigarettes)

Viceroy Lights Menthol (18 cigarettes)

West Full Flavor

West Lights

West Formula Lights

West Ice

West Ultra