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Camel collection

Camel packs that I have in my collection :          
Night Collectors          
    10 20 soft 20  
Reggae   x x x  
Disco Music   x x x  
Electronica   x x x  
Hip Hop   x x x  
Lounge   x x x  
    10 20 soft 20  
Lupearse   x x x  
Sartelo   x x x  
Iffan   x x x  
Barsoto   x x x  
Bonga   x x x  
    10 20 soft 20  
Botero   x x    
Da Vinci   x x    
Dalí   x x x  
Miró   x x x  
Van Gogh     x    
Picasso   x x x  
    10 20 soft 20  
Transgression   x x x  
Urban     x    
Difference   x x    
Humor   x x    
Classic   x   x  
    10 20 soft 20  
1.   x x x  
2.   x x x  
3.   x x x  
4.   x x x  
5.   x x x  
      10 20 soft 20
1913 Camel is born       x  
1922 Beginning of technicolor       x  
1929 Zeppelinīs first global flight       x  
1969 Man on the moon       x  
1993 Internet appears         x
Harley Davidson          
1 hard 20īs pack          
Genuine Nights          
4 hard 20īs          
4 hard 10īs          
4 soft 20īs          
Sube la apuesta (rises the bet)          
4 soft 20īs