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The Patches Section

The patches are a dollar or up for trade..
There are still more patches, back patches and t-shirts to come since we barely put this site together...
I also have a few Reagan Youth shirts, hit me up for sizes. The quality of these scans isn't that great but you get the just of it.

Patch Price
Aus-Rotten Logo $1
Los Crudos Logo *out of stock*
Doom "Lost The Fight" $1
Dahmer "Guy Killing The Other Guy" $1
JEANxSEBERG "title" $1
The Locust Logo $1
Spazz Logo $1
Disrupt Logo $1
IMAGE COMING SOON Auxilio "Que Gran Terror(jason mask)" $1
Subhumans $1
Code 13 out of stock
The Casualties Logo $1
Godstomper Logo $1
Conflict Logo $1
Cripple Bastards $1
IMAGE COMING SOON Terrorism out of stock
Dystopia $1
Excruciating Terror $1
Detestation $1
Destroy $1
Progeria $1
The Adicts "Songs Of Praise" $1
Unholy Grave $1



O.C. and L.A. Grind--Pure and Sick-- with Carcinogen, Narcosis, Stapled Shut, Morgion, Excruciating Terror, Gasp, Dystopia, Dead America, Mange, Mindrot, Phobia, and Crom $7
Toy Dolls-45 minutes $7
Sham 69 Live in Japan $7