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This tutorial can be done with psp 5 or 7

First of all if you do not want to print the 
background on the web page then go to
one of my pages to find out how.

  1. Okay first you will either need a doll or a tube to create a sparkle signature or even if you would like to make little gift or compliment to a fellow member.

  2. There are some good tubes here: may need to go to Window Explorer and then to Paint shop Pro5 or 7 and add a folder and name it Plugins You can download the Vm Natural texturizer which we will be using in this tutorial. at:"

  3. While you are at that site also download variation] and [eliminates black.]

  4. Unzipped the plugin which you may want to save to another file under
    Plug-in zipped and use either winzip and drop them or rather copy to the plugin folder which  you have just made in either 5 or 7

  5.  I haven't worked with Variations Plugin but download it anyways into your plugin and will see if I can find some tutorials for them Another good filter is
    Filter Factory A. 

  6. We will be using once I find the tutorial for later and ask permission from the author of the tutorial to see if I can use it here and repeat the step of how to install it.

For this Tutorial I will be using my own 

Angel Tube which you can also use.

Just copy and save picture if you would 
like to use this image which is transparent already. I n 

This Tutorial I will be using psp 5
and this is the url for this page.

You may print this tutorial but please give
credit where credit is due.

  1. Open a transparent image of 600 width and height of 250 and save it as angeltext in a file you can remember. 

  2. If you are saving this tutorial you may want to save it together. Save all in psp. format till the very end.
  3. Open the tube or image which has to be transparent
    Add a new layer and name it image You may need to resize the height to least than 200 in height
  4. Now add you image or tubes and paste as new selection. and line it up centered on the left side.


Making a Pattern

  1. Now we will be making a pattern with  the texturizer plugin which you
    just downloaded.

  2. Open an image of 100 X 100 and I flood filled with red  FF4040

  3. I then went to image Plug-in-Filters and use the setting of Scaling or 100 and  relief of 4 and Light Direction at top and make sure the invert is not checked as shown below

  1. Press okay and your pattern is done and leave it opened in your paint shop

  2. Okay now you can use the flood fill tool to fill an area with your pattern you just made and click on the Tool Control  tab in the Control palette.

  3. Set the Fill style to Pattern and click the option button to bring up the Flood Fill 

  4. Option dialog box.



  1. Add a new layer and name it text.

  2. I will be using the 3Dperspective font which I do not know where I got it from however if you know please let me know and I will give credit where do or remove it.

  3. Now click on the letter A on your tool palette

  4. I am adding a command gorgeous using the 3d Perspective font with the size of 90 as show below where you would type the size


Using pattern for flood fill

  1. Make sure the Antialas and left alignment. and your text will 
    appear like floating and now flood fill with your pattern as described in the step Making a pattern

  2. You may have to use the mover  to move your text away from the angel. Leave your text selected with marching ants around it as shown in diagram below and flood fill with pattern.


3.   Press option to get the pattern we made earlier or open one into your paint shop5. Here is what it look like with the one we made filling in each letter. 

Save picture as main in psp format

Here is the second half of doing reflective signature

If you still have the main picture from doing the animation open it up.

  1. Open an image of 600 width and 500 height which is doubled the size of your main images called main.

  2. Add a new layer and call it main which was your main picture. 

  3. Copy and paste as new selection placing it in the top half of your new image.

  4. If you want a nice transparent image then do not add a shadow as it will show an ugly black once you your animation wizard. 

  5. If you don't then omit this step 6 to 12

  6.  Add a new layer and go to layer --down to arrange and send to bottom.

  7. You  need to be on a light background. On this one I choose a white background.

  8. Okay if you want a shadow. Make sure your background is in color of black.

  9.  You need to add it by going to image in paint shop 5 and then down to effect---then drop shadow like shown in diagram

  10. If you find it too dark then go to color and brighten it by 10.

  11. Again copy and paste as new selection your main image lining it with the first layer and deselect

  12. Now copy and paste as new image and return main to file by pressing on the x.

  13. Add a new layer and call it reflection.  Then paste your original if you want it transparent. otherwise paste the one you just pasted with the shadow as new image  and paste as new selection and paste as new selection. 

  14. Go to image and flip

  15. Line the bottom to your layer name main to which ever is the lowest in layer called main. Look at the top picture if you need to follow what I mean as some people are visual and need to see.  On the picture above I had to line up the feet of the angel.

  16. This is an important step.  If you want a transparent image then lower your opacity to 30  as shown  where to lower with the lever in diagram

  17. If using the white background lower your opacity in the layer palette by 12 as shown in the diagram where the opacity is using the lever.

  18. Now merge visible layers. Resize by 60% For the transparent one go to  http:/ to go through the steps like an animation in order to have it transparent in order to finish the rest of your steps for the reflective signature

  19.  For the white background merge all and it will add a white background and resize by 60%

  20. Okay make sure the background is like a blue or something like it however not white.

  21. Go to image and add border of 17symetric as shown in diagram

  22. Use your manifying glass and click for bigger view.

  23. Use your magic wand and click on the border you such added and it will have marching ants around it.

  24. Flood fill with pattern of choice either the red pattern you made earlier or the one I use which is as below

  25. Go to copy and save picture as watery in the same folder as this tutorial

  26. Go to  flood fill bucket to fill an area with your pattern you  made or the one I have provided.

  27.  Click on the Tool Control  tab in the Control palette.

  28. Set the Fill style to Pattern and click the option button to bring up the Flood Fill 

  29. Option dialog box.

 Press option to get the pattern we made earlier or open the one  I provided into your paint  shop5. 

Here is what it look like with the one we made filling in each letter.   In the image it will show the pattern you have chosen as in the diagram show the red pattern.  and the one I provided 

Flood fill the area with pattern where you used the magic wand 


Please check back for more tutorials

© Angel Swanie
Please do not place on another site as there is lots of work put into making tutorials

Only to be used  for personal use.

If results are shown please give credit and show where the tutorial was from in the group or on a website.

 Ask my permission especially a group 
All I  ask for a link back to this site and get to see the result of your beautiful creativity.  Thx.  ((((angel hugs)))

©Angelwanie Dec/17/02


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