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American King Club

A great club with super competition, fellowship, and hospitality. Show Kings can be purchased at reasonable prices across the United States. There are five district shows located in different geographical regions making attendance very accessible. The club also participates in the National Pigeon Association Grand National Show and Convention.

For more information, contact one of these officers:

Secretary/Treasurer Ellie Murphy, 7903 E Knox Road, London Mills, IL 61544 (309-486-3519) E-mail

Publicity Director Publicity Director Blaine Broussard 507 N Thompson Iowa, LA 70647 337-582-8806 E-mail


It is interesting to note that, for all their popularity today, Kings are not an ancient breed. They were developed during the 1890's in the United States by a crossing of four older varieties.

The Duchess for grace.
The Homer for alertness.
The Maltese for compactness and style.
The Runt for body and size.

Originally, Kings were bred only in one color - White. Their first national recognition came in 1915 with the formation of the American White King Association which in 1912, was changed to the present name. American King Club.

The second color to be developed was the "Silver", and in the thirties the "Blues" were recognized. Since that time we have colors in Reds, Yellows, Duns, Blacks, Browns, Ash-Reds, Ash Yellows, A.O.C.s, Rares, and Checks. The last colors to be added are the Grizzle and Indigos.

The American King Club has adopted a picture and written standard for the King pigeon and all shows affiliated with the American King Club judge the birds by this Standard of Perfection of the Ideal King.



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