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9 August 2011


Author's Notes:

If you like "Doctor Who", I'm sure you'll love this new (Post-Nemesis) fic by Author Amanda Cress.


Set a year after the events of "Star Trek: Nemesis" in 2381. Wesley's recruited by The Traveller to step back into the linear world to quell potential threats to universal order. Threats incapable of being either perceived or detected by lesser evolved races until its too-little-,-too-late. In his first mission, Wesley is appointed to save Ceti Alpha 29 from being ravaged by an arrogant child-like God-being. An unlikely ally from Kirk's time assists the fledgling human along the way, as others converge with The Traveller and his companion's assignment.


Wesley Crusher [Wil Wheaton] - Of course and we all know who he is. :)

Amanda Cirtis [Amy Acker] - Young and naive, that's how she starts off the show. Later on as the season progresses, we learn how smart Amanda really is, and why she is a part of Team Wesley. She also has a bit of a crush on Wesley who saves her from a Tridan attack on Ceti Alpha 29.

Phillip McCoy [Bradley James] - He's the great grandson of Dr. McCoy. He's headstrong, and tough on the surface and deep down he has a soft spot especially since he watched his great grandfather die of natural causes [that's according to Starfleet medical], and he has a heart for his friends.

Isabella Swan [Holly Marie Combs] - The humanoid of Team Wesley. She is a Tridan that attacks the natives of Ceti Alpha 29 in the first episode. That's why Wesley is sent by the Traveler to stop her from killing people. Isabella is headstrong yet arrogant, and she must learn to control that.

Admiral Pavel Chekov [Walter Koenig] - We know who he is as well. He has been trapped at Ceti Alpha 29 for decades until Wesley, Amanda and Phillip discover him and his shuttle while searching for Isabella and other Tridans. Chekov agrees to help Wes and co. for this point on.

The Traveler - He's the whole reason the gang's all together.

Melana [Angel Coulby] - We'll see her in the fanfic "House Call".

Note: Summer Glau will guest star by request and also appearing will be Picard, Crusher, Riker, Troi and Data and Geordi. Data will only appear in flashbacks since this series takes place post-Nemesis.


1x01. "These Are The Voyages..." (PILOT)

1x02. "Blasts From the Past" (Part One)

1x03. "Blasts From the Past" (Part Two)

1x04. "Every Hero Has a Dark Side"

1x05. "Leader on Leader"

1x06. "Love is Out There, and It Hurts"

1x07. "A Clear Nemesis"

1x08. "The Virus Unleashed"

1x09. "Retreat Vessel"

1x10. "Reunion"

1x11. "Time of Dying"

1x12. "Destiny Calls"


A new TAS-Era fic by Author Amanda Cress. Following the devastating Earth-Romulan War, the NX-Class U.S.S. Haven is sent back out to explore, escort Earth's colonists, protect their Merchant Marines and keep the peace in a fledgling "Earth-Vulcan Alliance" gradually developing into the Federation we'll all come to know and love.

In the meantime, a young Pavel Chekov (Walter Koenig) of the U.S.S. Haven, cuts his baby teeth on romance, friendship, brotherhood, triumph, and tragedy.

Starfleet Command's current assignment: to find out why the Romulans so suddenly withdrew into seclusion.


  • Martha Landon [Celeste Yarnall] - Looks like fate has brought her and Chekov together. The Yeoman will be a Lieutenant by promotion before this mini series ends, and we'll learn more about Landon since her appearance on "The Apple".
  • Lt. Commander John Winkler [Marc Blucas] - He's apparently Chekov's friend when he first beams aboard the Enterprise, and he focuses on his duty while making time for his friends [eg, Chekov & Landon] and he's also the apparent boyfriend of Yeoman Rand. When Captain Hale is KIA, he moves up in rank and decides to take action as the new Commander of Haven.
  • Yeoman Rand [Grace Lee Whitney] - We know who she is, but she is the love interest of Commander Winkler.
  • Captain Edmond Harris [Vic Rhames] - He is the headstrong captain and he's been like that since the untimely death of his predecessor Jonathan Hale and he's willing to put his life on the line as Commander and as Captain of USS Haven.


  • Captain Jonathan Hale - Brave, bold and gutsy, but unfourtunet events will lead to his untimely death in the first part of the mini series.
  • Counselor Adrianna Fisher [Alyssa Milano]
  • Lt. Commander Liva Simone [Linda Cardenelli]
  • Engineer Tyler Evans [Tom Lenk]
  • Ensign Amara Thomas [Allison Mack]
  • Lieutenant Goraz [Jon Cryer]

NX-Class Starship

Schematics Of "Haven"


1x1. "A Different Enterprise"

1x2. "Pardon My Past"

1x3. "Promotion"

1x4. "I Will Remember You"

1x5. "Tabula Rasa"

1x6. "Regrouped Haven"

1x7. "Deja Vu All Over Again"

1x8. "The Long Road Home"

I'm hoping my old "Star Trek: Hell's-Gate" RPG fans will submit e-books for Kindle and other e-readers, links to your own homepage like this one. Everything from screenplays to prose-based work or just upload files to the new (age-restricted) yahoo group in order to accomodate everything from GLBT-related characters and situations to crossovers, to "General" and "NC17/18+" fics.

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