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George Lake, Alaska

Cabin being built by the Weaver family

The sinking of the boat

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The foundation under construction.  Here, Bob is welding up the last of the beams.


Airboats tied up at the dock.  At the far left of the picture is the deck at the jib crane.

This summer (2000) we hauled something like 7,000 lbs of concrete and 3,000 lbs of steel with these boats without a problem.


Cabin foundation.  The floor joists will be placed on these beams and we'll go up from there.




The cabin site from out on the lake. 

This was take on the day we pulled out at the end of the season.  We had pulled most of the dock sections out and piled them on the shore to avoid ice damage over the winter.  We have one more trip to make to remove the last two dock sections (27 Sept. 2000).

At the far right side of the image the tent platform is peeking out from behind the trees.  The cabin site is behind the trees at about dead center.

Note the jib crane mounted on the tree above the dock.



View from the tent platform

This is looking west from the tent platform.

This tent platform is 16'x20' which puts the downhill edge about 12' off the ground.