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About Us

We do not specialize in one certain line, weight or color. Our bulldogs range from 24 - 100+ lbs. We are exceptionally proud of the dogs we own, some of the lines we work with are:

Carver, Boudreaux, Midnight Cowboy, Watchdog, Eli, Gr.Ch. Zebo, Ch. Alligator, Ch. Jeep, Sorrells, Clemmon's, Heinzl, Colby, Wallace, Honeybunch, Butcher Boy, OFRN.

A.D.B.A. / A.A.D.R. / U.K.C."PR"

We have 19 years invested in these dogs and we strive to produce only the best.No dogs are bred or sold for any illegal purposes.And the content of this site is strictly for entertainment purposes only.


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