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ATSF freight

ATSF freight leaving Friendship

The Santa Fe is the main user of the joint line.

Friendship Station
This station is a holdover from the pre Amtrack days. The people waiting today are here to view the Santa Fe business extra.

CO-OP Grain Loading

This structure is the largest on the layout.It provides the outbound loads for the many grain hoppers on the road. It is scratch-built using PVC pipe for the silos and 1/8 inch hardboard for the building.

Main Street Friendship

A sleepy little suburban community.

Tri-State Power

An old coal burning plant that is still operational. The unloading track only holds nine cars.

A cabin by the tracks

A grain truck unloading

This elevator ships corn and soybeans from the local farms.

Glenview tower

This tower is scheduled to be closed soon.

Olean yard

Three tracks hold the car traffic in and out of the industrial area.

A small park for the folks in Friendship

A tornado in the distance causes concern for the crew of the ATSF freight

A hot air baloon flies low over Friendship

Olean engine house.This facility is listed on the National Historic Register.


Photos are all taken with an Olympus D460 digital camera.