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This page is for Ducorps Cockatoo lovers and those that are contemplating owning one as a pet.
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Milo the Ducorps Cockatoo Umbrellas

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The things that make Milo special are far too many to list. I will say that he chose me. Originally I was looking for a larger Cockatoo, a Moluccan or Umbrella, and searched for over a year. I looked at many babies. I found a few that went to new homes before I could return to take them home with me. Such is fate I suppose. I kept returning to a local store and would see the larger Cockatoos. Eventually I started to visit him. The next thing you know he was "calling" for me when I entered the store. Soon after that he would call for me BEFORE I got in the store. He was by the window in the front and could see me pull up. It became a mutual love and then I took him home, a decision I have never regretted. His love for me is amazing, even more is mine for him. He loves to be held, calls me "Mommy" and "Chicken Butt"(which USED to be HIS nickname). He tells me "I love you" and he gives kisses both with his beak and with sounds. He loves to play and "wrestle" and likes to play catch. Ok, well I get to play catch. He tosses!

Some of Milo's favorite words:
HI!!, Whatcha doin'?, C'mon, What a good boy!!!, Wanna give me kiss??.

Undesirable behavior:
Milo has this uncanny habit of making a "peeping" sort of sound when he is begging for food..
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Milo's Information

Species: Ducorp Cockatoo
Sex: DNA Sexed Male
Age: 2 1/2 years old
Had as a pet for: 2 years
Name: Milo (Milo the Magnificent, Meeee-Lo)
Likes to be touched: Absolutely!! He adores it.
Likes to be held: You bet! As much or more than being touched.
Vocabulary size: About 40 or more, this is pretty large for a Cockatoo
Favorite fresh food: Green beans
Pellets: Roudybush or Zupreem
Seed: About any kind offered except Millet Spray
Size of cage: 38x24x52(inside) and he uses ALL of it.
Time sent out of cage daily: This varies but about 2 hours min.
Allowed on top of cage: Yes, and I have no trouble with him coming down. All it takes is "C'mon" and he slides right to me. However, NO ONE else can get him down. This is about the only time he gets testy with anyone.
Purchased from: A pet store that specializes in parrots.
Hand fed: Yes
By whom: The store he came from
Things disliked: Millet Spray, bathes, sticks/loose perches (why I have NO idea)
Noisy: He can be, but over all isnít bad. He mostly talks.
Messy: You better believe it! Anything disapproved of or done with ends up on the floor, or walls, or curtains. You get the idea.
Monthly cost to keep: This varies depending on toys/treats bought but about $45 a month.
Veterinarian: A Avian Vet. Dog/Cat Veterinarians usually do not know about treating birds.
Special needs: Ducorps cry like baby birds until they are about a year old. As a result I found it VERY helpful to offer warm, soft feedings by spoon twice a day for the first 9 months or so and then just in the evenings until the crying was gone. Even still I offer him a soft feeding by spoon every now and then. This helps in the event he gets sick and has to be given medications. You can mix his medications with whatever you choose to give him for a feeding. I have heard several Ducorps owners say this was a problem. I suspect it is just a natural occurrence for this species.
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