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As a college student I have taken a good share of English courses in which I was required to write essays. I have noticed that on the subject of literature there are far too few critical sources on Pinkwater books, on the internet or otherwise. During the course of my education I have written several essays about Daniel Pinkwater and his writing. I am making my essays available over the internet as a resource to anyone else who may be writing a paper and needs some outside references. All I ask is that you cite any information you may use. Unfortunately I no longer have a list of cited works for the essays below, but if you need information on a specific quote or piece of information, I could probably tell you where it is if you email me. In addition I have also added links to any reviews, comments, or additional information for specific books on the booklist page. If you know of any other sources that I could add pleas elet me know and I'll be happy to make them available. Thank you!

Borgel and Alice in Wonderland: A Comparison

This first paper is a short essay written for my Freshman English class. It is comparing the similarities between Borgel by Daniel Pinkwater(1990) and the classic children's tale, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll(1865). Both stories have a main character asserting their independance over adults by running away and travelling to far away mythical lands.

Daniel Pinkwater: Insight to the Author

This paper, also written for my Freshman English course, is a longer research project. Using interviews and his essays from All Things Considered, I looked for corellations between Pinkwater's stories and his real life experiences. The thesis is that writers often use things from their own lives as ideas for stories, and to illustrate this, I use the example of Pinkwater.

Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned from Daniel Pinkwater

This is a short, informal narrative on how the book "Borgel" affected my life after reading it as a teen. I talk about the messages I get from his books and the positive impact they have had on my life. I wrote it for my Intermediate Creative writing course.

Learning to Read

Here is a short essay I wrote for my Children's Literature class this semester. The assignment was to outline a meaningful literary experience from your childhood and compare it to the experience of one other person. I used the experiences of Daniel Pinkwater and myself.

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