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self-portrait from the dust jacket of Magic Camera
Welcome to the D. Manus Pinkwater Pages! This page has been created in honor of Daniel Pinkwater. For those of you who don't know who he is, Pinkwater is a mostly children's author and NPR radio personality. My main goal with this page is to put some fresh, new stuff about Pinkwater on the web, since most of his sites have been around for a long time. I want to create a resource for anyone looking for info and opinions. Let me know if you have ideas.

Christel Gause

This is an e-mail that Daniel Pinkwater sent to me in the fall of 1997, in response to an e-mail I wrote asking for advice on being a college art student. I also have links to some of my own artwork of or inspired by Pinkwater.
Here are some essays I have written on Pinkwater and his books during the course of my education.
This is one of my favorite stories about a skull that won't go away. Reprinted from Chicago Days / Hoboken Nights with permission of the author.
I am an avid collector of Pinkwaterica and currently maintain a collection of 50+ books. Here is a section of links and suggestions as to where both in and out of print Pinkwater books can be purchased on the web.
A complete booklist with a brief synopsis of each book, plus links to related sites, publication information, and a picture of the book cover.
Here's a list of personally endorsed Pinkwater sites and resources.
I'm going to try something new and put up a message board so that friends and fans of D. Manus Pinkwater will have a place to converse. I encourage you to participate.

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All photos and artwork are used with permission of the author.