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What's A Jellicle Cat?

Do I actually see with my own very eyes a man who's not heard of a Jellicle Cat?
What's a Jellicle Cat???

Eliot heard this word [Jellicle] from his young niece,
who sounded as if she were saying "Jellicle cat"
whenever she called for her "dear little cat" and
"Pollicle dog" whenever she called for her "poor little puppy."

~Playbill: The National Theatre Magazine, April 30, 1991~

Hello. My name is Mandakay and this is my site dedicated to one of the most entertaining musicals--


Feel free to look around. Most everything is self explanatory. All of you writers and artists--send me some of your work! Click on "The Jellicle Ball: A magazine for Jellicle Cats" link below for more information.

NEWS FLASH: The Broadway production of CATS has been extended!! It will be closing on September 10, 2000 (instead of June 25) after almost 18 years at the Winter Garden Theatre...

The last public performance of CATS on Broadway will be Thursday, September 7. The shows on September 8 & 9 will be for charity and the show on September 10 will be by invitation only. There will be no show on Monday, September 4.

A commemorative edition of CATS will be released on September 12, 2000 on VHS. It will include two tapes: the actual movie and 'The Making of Cats'. It is now available to pre-order on

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