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Alaska Magic Kids

Welcome to the Alaska Magic Kids Official Web Page!

About the Alaska Magic Kids

The Alaska MAGIC KIDS are a group of young magicians who are pursuing the Art of Magic. They are dedicated to preserving the respect and enteratainment value of the art without compromising the "tricks of the trade." This group has been formed at the request of many Anchorage youths who have taken classes or camps, studied the art in some fashion, or are truly interested in magic as a performing art.
The Alaska Magic Kids meet the THIRD THURSDAY of each month. The MEETINGS (open to the general public) will be a place at which to showcase the skills and get information and news on club events and other magical happenings. SESSIONS (open to "members only") will provide an insight and learning opportunity for participants to learn and practice their skills.


The Alaska Magic Kids had TWO great performances! One was Saturday, August 18th, at the Anchorage Downtown Market. They did a sensational job and will be asked again to perform. The second was 2 shows on the Colony Stage at the Alaska State Fair on August 28th. Unbelievable! They knocked the audience out with their super great tricks and the Metamorphosis Illusion! Keep up the stupendous work!



We are looking at several show dates at this time. Currently, we have SEVERAL big opportunities:

Here are some other things that you can take advantage of by joining the Alaska Magic Kids!

There are several levels of involvement from the Novice to the full fledged Magician. Depending on your skill and interest you can attain various levels. You can chose or will be assigned a mentor to assist you with your quest. The bounds are endless! Someday, you can achieve your dreams!

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*Have your magic web site posted here!


Our next meeting will be on Thursday, September 21st, at 6:30pm, Kaladi Brothers off Brayton Drive in Anchorage. The management ok'd the "take-over" of the upstairs, but it will still be open to the public. Hopefully, we won't get crammed in the little meeting room again.
The theme of the meeting will be Kid's Show Magic. Bring anything to perform and have some real fun! And don't forget to bone up on the "Trivia Questions" in the newsletter to win some cool magic!
If you have any questions, please email us at the address at the bottom of the page or call one of the leaders listed below.

Adult Leaders

Magic Kid Members

Here are a list of a few of our current members. Are you interested in the same type of magic? How about your favorite magician? Email the Magic Kids!

If you are a member of the Alaska Magic Kids and would like to be listed here, please call or email us with your name, email, and/phone number and we'll post it here!


August Meeting Notes!

The summer is nearly over. Everyone is going back to school! Wow! It's gone by fast! The August meeting was very informative. Due to the fact that we had two major performances coming up the theme of the meeting was "Using a microphone." We practiced using a microphone stand and a wireless mic. It was good experience and paid off at the performances.
The notes we kept were quite cryptic so this month's column will be short. However, the performances were outstanding. Everyone did a super job of working with a microphone while performing a trick. This was apparant at the Saturday Market and Alaska State Fair shows! Great job!
Til next time! Practice! Practice! Practice! Remember - Magic is a performing art!

We are striving to keep things current for all you magic enthusiasts! Stay tuned!

Thank you for visiting our page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!
This page was updated on 9/4/2000.