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Home Page of Clinic of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology, University Pediatric Hospital, Sofia, Bulgaria

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Bonislava Mancheva one month after liver transplantation

  Bonislava was born on 24.08.1988. Her older brother suffered liver disease similar to Bonislavas. He died at the age of 4 because of severe variceal bleeding. The onset of Bonislavas liver disease was at the age of 7 months. At the age of 4 she suffered end-stage liver disease with prominent cholestasis. Due to the benefice of Berlin ARD-TV and " BILD hift e. V./ Ein Herz fur Kinder " foundation the money needed for the liver transplantation were collected. The child was successfully liver transplanted in February,1994 by Prof. C.Broelsch in The University Clinic of Surgery , Hamburg. The graft was cadaveric, lateral liver segment. An episode of graft rejection as well as a bile anastomotic defect were successfully treated in the early post-operative period. Prof.M.Burdelski shared the idea of a newly recognised variant of PFIC. Now Bonislava is 12 years old, she has normal physical and mental development, she is a student in her native town of Petrich. There are no serious complications of liver transplantation with the exception of an episode of acute rejection in 1998 treated in our hospital with high dose corticosteroides.

Mihail Petrov with his father before, six months after transplantation, with Prof.Burdelski in Sofia-1998


  Mihail was born on 9.08.1996 in Sofia. He is the younger brother in his family. He is the first Bulgarian child who undergone living related liver transplantation. At the age of 3 months he was operated twice because of biliary atresia, both Kasai operations were unsuccessful. The parents gathered the money needed for the liver transplantation by the sponsorship of a German newspaper and RTL-TV. The liver transplantation was done in March, 1997 by Prof. C.Broelsch in The University Clinic of Surgery , Hamburg. The donor was his father. An episode of acute rejection and perforated small bowel occurred in the early post-operative period, successfully treated. Michail is in a very good physical, emotional and mental state. He suffered an acute rejection in 1998 treated with high dose steroides.

Pavlin Mihov


  Pavlin was born on 10.02.1997 in the town of Pirdop. He is the younger brother in his family. He was operated at the age of 3 months because of biliary atresia, unsuccessful Kasai. The parents were financially supported by The Pirdop State Steel Factories as well as private sponsors from Germany. The child was liver transplanted ( living related ) in June, 1997 by Prof. C.Broelsch in The University Clinic of Surgery, Hamburg. The donor was his mother. The side effect of CsA, e.g. elevated level of K, was noticed in the early postoperative period. By tapering on the dose of CsA, K level came to normal. Pavlin is growing up normally, he suffers recurrent mild herpes infections, appropriately treated by oral and local acting medications.

Stephan Lanzov

   a-Stephan is being checked by Prof. Broelsch  b- In the operating theatre  c-Two months after transplantation

  Stephan was born on 25.07.1998 in Sofia. He was diagnosed as biliary atresia at the age of 40 days. Kasai operation was not successful. The child was liver transplanted on 17.02.1999 in Essen, Germany , Zentrum fur Kinderheilkunde by Prof.Broelsch and Dr.Malago, pediatrician Dr.Ballauf. It was a living related transplantation, doner was the father. Stefan suffered portal hypertension due to a portal venous thrombosis, complicating the LTx. One year after the LTx the child looked better. Development of multiple spontaneous shunts was seen as well as improvement of blood flow through the portal vein. Now the child is in a good physical and mental state.


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