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Welcome to the Conservative Geographer Page

Thank you for showing an interest in my site. Whether you agree with the opinions I offer or just like to have some cannon fodder for arguments, I'm glad you're here.

I'm a geography student at the University of Alaska. This alone has caused me to want to voice, what seems to be a lonely, point of view. I urge everyone to write me with your comments. When you are ready to leave this site please use one of the advertisements to do so (they help pay my tuition).

Let me start with a little known geography topic. This is me on my last trip to the Grand Canyon (picture below). I would like to emphasize the word LAST, you see the Grand Canyon National Park is going to remove all personal vehicle traffic from the park. Therefore, I will probably never return to that glorious hole in the ground. On this visit to the park my wife and I drove eight hours and payed the outrageous price for a pretty crappy hotel room in the nearby Grand Canyon Village (upwards of $150). After hiking into The Canyon the next day, I didn't care about the hotel room The Canyon was gorgeous (get it...GORGEeous..hehe). We didn't experience any other major costs.

Within the next two years all that will change. The Park will be closed , in the interest of preservation, to all automobile traffic. So how will people get into the park? Good question. BUSES! thats right, big diesel choking buses. The buses will run from an unbelievably HUGE parking lot, which will be built on National Forest Service land just beyond the park boundary. Who will run these buses? Well, since the parking lot is outside of the park boundaries, a private contractor will have to supply that service. Is that contractor going to bus thousands of people into the park every year out of the goodness of his heart?.....HELL NO! Would you? He is going to make a profit.

So the park YOUR taxes pay for is now going to cost you more money to visit. Lets not forget that "Mother of All" parking lot. Is that being built for free? Of course not, so you can also count on a parking fee.

In the interest of "preservation" the park managers are arranging to pave over a huge portion of natural terrain. Do you think this will limit the number of people who get to visit this wonderful spectacle of nature? The park managers say no, but how could it not limit visitors? There are only X number of seats and buses.

If you're planning a trip to The Grand Canyon, bring a good pair of walking shoes, alot of money, and get there early!!

Kaibab Trail


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