Interview with Rodrigo A.(guitar,bass and drum programming) by Fabrício Reolon Terribile:

-Hello Rodrigo, to start tell us a little history of Lymphatic Phlegm.

We started our activities in Feb.'96 exactly as a duo (André Luiz-vocals, Rodrigo Alcântara-guitars,bass and drum programming). We have never had changes on our line-up, and since then we are regurgitating the most repugnant and severely pathological splatter gore grind.

-How did you get in contact with Lofty storm Records?

Even before releasing our first demo on Lofty Storm, we were great friends of Marco Moriguti (Owner of the label). We are really very fucking grateful for his support and all he did for us. He has others plans to the future, that's why our first full-lenght CD will not be released by this fucking great brazilian gore grind label.

-Tell us something about the demo tape "Malignant Cancerous Tumor..."

We recorded our first demo in Nov'96 on a limited edition of 350 copies on Lofty Storm Records.Its spreading has been done through approx. two years and we received lots of good opinions about it.This demo has really done us very satisfied and glad.

-What do you think about the underground?

We don't know about the actual situation of the brazilian underground, but in the South it's very strong and united. The European underground is and has ever been strong. If it was so everywhere, it would surely be very good for all people who are envolved with the underground with good reasons. And remember SHREED A FUCKING BASTARD RIP-OFF!!!

-What bands have some influence on Lymphatic Phlegm?

Some bands we can tell are: Impetigo fucking old, old Carcass, Autopsy, RGTE, Goropsy, Demilich, General Surgery, Gut, Mortician, Morgue Fetus, Exhumed, C.U.M., Dead, Haemorrhage, Dead Infection, Slough, Rotting Flesh, Flesh Grinder and many more.

-Tell us about the pathological lyrics of Lymphatic Phlegm. Will the band continue with this kind of lyrics in the future?

André writes the lyrics, always relating the most repugnant and severe kinds of pathology which exist on men. Surely we will continue to do this kind of lyrics, PATHOLOGICAL AS FUCK!!!

-Some future release?

Yes, we have new stuffs to be released in '99, but we still need some confirmations.

-Do you like gore/splatter movies?

I don't, but André is a great fan of trash movies. He has a great quantity of those films and soon he will also be producing his own movie.

-Why does Lymphatic Phlegm play with drum programming?

Because unfortunately we don't have a real drummer in our city for playing with us. It's not a trouble for us, we fucking love the drum machine.

-Okay Rodrigo last words...

Tons of thanks for this interview Fabrício and for your support to Lymphatic Phlegm. All true gore freaks get in touch, all letters are more than welcome. Stay medical, pathological, mephitic and drowned among worms.

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