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Starsparkle: Starsiege Maps Preservatory





Ground Pounder and Taarna were kind enough to fix the spawn points for a 4 team game with working nav points on City on the Edge map.  As per request I am posting the download for this fixed map so that anyone who would like to may have it. Just click the screenshot to download now!

The never before seen BETA test Maps released for the final version of Starsiege may be found here!!

I've added a new page of DOE maps that were sent in by Ditto, thanks Ditto!! you may find them either off the DM/TDM page or directly by clicking on this link.

A preview map, Peace_On_Mars, from the Sun and Shadows: Ghosts Starsiege Expansion Project can be found here.  This multiplayer map does have it's own ted.vol file so you need to download this map to join any server hosting it. Please visit Sun and Shadows website for the latest information and downloads on this project!

June 25, 2001

New Map added in Specialty, Many thanks go out to Black Rainbow for the Memorial Map he made in honor of our Fallen Starsiege Warriors.
DM/TDM has also been updated with a couple of new maps.
I will soon be adding a page with misc files such as reticles and some taunt pack links, check back soon for new developments.

Many thanks to the entire editing and scripting community, without
their efforts this site would not be possible!!!

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