Toba Batak, Sumatra, Indonesia

Sumatra Indonesian Mission 2006 (Pematangsiantar)
Batak House (Rumah)
Lake Toba
Tight Squeeze for 6'2" Westerner
Group photo at Elim Orphanage
Largest Gong in the world
The famous Horbo

The first two images in the second row look blurred. This is an example of reduced image quality due to improper storage of the film. When leaving the U.S. to begin our trip to Indonesia I took seven rolls of film with me. These were exposed to airport x-rays at least eight times between my U.S. departure and when I arrived back home. All of those photos were fine. But while in Indonesia I ran out of film and purchased three more rolls from street vendors. Every one of those rolls produced mostly poor quality photos. The films had been exposed to sunlight and excessive heat. My advice is to bring as much film from home as you think you will need, or if you absolutely need more buy from a major store with photo supplies stored inside and away from sunlight. Still, according to information posted for divers going to Bali there is a limit on how much film you can bring into or out of Indonesia. So the best course may be to either use a digital camera system and/or choose your photo shots very carefully. And that's not a bad idea anyway.