Deadlines are based on the experience that nothing happens over the holiday season, mid-November through January. As a result perceptions for the first months after the Annual meeting are that there is plenty of time to think about the next meeting so let's wait, then the holiday season begins and before we know it we find ourselves at February 1st with little accomplished for the meeting. As a result there are avoidable and easily predictable problems each year that could have been averted. This check list is intended to minimize those issues by simply planning a realistic schedule. Usually those who put the meeting together are employed full time and volunteer to develop the Annual Meeting. The activities below are manageable over a period of months, and with identifiable volunteers. They can be overwhelming when rushed in the final weeks, especially while working and taking care of ordinary family responsibilities. Potential participants need time to plan, and without a detailed program of what will be offered they cannot be expected to commit several hundred dollars to register for an unknown entity. Radiologic Technologists are professionals. The quality of the meeting should reflect that. The deadline months are based on an expectation that the meeting will be held in late April or early May.

Key Planners (Confirmed by August 1st)
Mailing Address:
Fax line:
Co-Chairperson:__ Name-
Mailing Address:
Fax line:

Set Meeting Dates: (By September 1st)
Banquet Room:
Lodging Rates:

Assign lead Committee Roles: (Complete by September 1st)

Pre-Meeting date: (Complete by October 1st)
Student Program: (Completed by November 1st)
Speakers: (Completed by November 15th)
Media contacted: (Completed by November 15th)
Out-of-Town Speakers:(Completed by January 1st)
Agenda published: (Completed by February 1st)
Business meetings location and time arranged (Completed by February 1st)
Room Set-up - Do the Night Before meeting begins.
Commercial display room established (Completed by February 15th)
Spouses Program arranged: (Completed by March 1st)
Registration Table: (Setup night before meeting begins)
Educational Meetings: (Set-up Day Before meeting begins

Banquet and/or Reception: Room – Set-up Day or morning before banquet

Post Meeting Activities: (Complete within 30 days after the meeting)
The work doesn't end for the Committee when all the meeting contingents go home. There are still a few items to be wrapped up. These include, for example: