Committee: Establish a meeting coordinator and committee optimally one year before the meeting to insure all arrangements are completed on time.
Location: Should be determined optimally one year prior to the actual seminar. (consider price, facility amenities, proximity to shopping (food, restaurants, special items)*
Dates: Establish meeting dates, by comparing other potential conflicts that could compete for the same participants tourist season, unrelated events (Orange Bowl football game, etc.).
Rooms: Meeting room, or rooms if multiple parallel topics will be presented (eg. rad and Mamm) Banquet room, meals, exhibits/posters, breakout for small group breakout meetings
Theme: Consider a theme that relates all the topics and ties them together, if possible. For example, a breast imaging conference, or digital imaging focus.
Speakers: Arrange and get written commitments on the time and date, topic of their presentations. Get resume and course outline to send ASRT for approval at least sixty days prior to the meeting. Plan on one or two backup speakers.
Promotion: Decide on your target audience of potential participants, then determine most effective ways to notify them of the meeting. It may be listed in a state newletter, local newspaper, notification to a state radiological program, published in the newpapers, posted on the internet, notification in national publications such as Advance, the ASRT, RT image, state professional organization, or others.

Mailing to Potential Participants: Prepare a flyer or brochure to be distributed by the various means and secure a mailing list, if possible, of potential participants. Must go out at least three months before the meeting to allow time for registration at the hotel, requesting time off, transportation, etc.

Notify web site master at least three months before hand. Post the information on a common website, such as that used by a state professional group.

Educational Meetings:


Out-of-Town Speakers:

Agenda published:

Registration Table:

Media contacted:

Student Program:

Business meetings location and time arranged


Hotel Selection: Consider:

Commercial display room established, if they will be included.

Banquet: Room

Spouses Program arranged, or specifically excluded: