(Actually, It is often cheaper and faster for Alaskans to go to Hawaii than it is to go to most lower 48 states destinations. That's why Hawaii is Alaska's winter playground site.)

The Hawaiian Islands include 137 islands of which there are eight major islands in the main group. Not all of these eight are inhabited, but all may be seen from those that are. Hawaii is the 50th state, joining the union in August 1959, just seven months after Alaska (January 1959). There are 4,217 miles of highways in Hawaii, compared with even fewer miles in Alaska. The population of Hawaii is composed of 22.1% Hawaiian/part Hawaiian, 20.5% Caucasian, 18.3% Japanese, 12.3% Filipino, and 4.1% Chinese. The major islands are listed below in their geographic order, north to south.

Position Island Nickname Color Flower Land area Population Highlight
1. Ni’ihau Forbidden Island White pupu 69.5 sq. mi. 60 Private ownership
2. Kaua’i Garden Isle Purple mokihana 552.3 sq. mi. 58,463 Oldest, wettest, greenest
3. O’ahu Gathering place Yellow ilima 596.7 sq. mi. 876,156 Pearl Harbor, Waikiki
4. Moloka’i Friendly Island Green white kukui 264 sq. mi. 7,404 White sand, lepers
5. Lana’i Pineapple Island Orange kauna’oa 140.5 sq. mi. 3,193 Most secluded
6. Kaho’olawe Military target Grey hinahina 44.6 sq. mi. none Smallest
7. Maui Valley Isle Pink lokelani 1,159 sq. mi. 117,644 Haleakala, Hana
8. Hawaii Orchid Island Red lehua ohia 4,028 sq. mi. 148,677 Big Island, largest, youngest

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Clyde at Ho'okena Black Sand Beach, Big Island
I Love this place!

North Kihei, Maui - The Valley Isle

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HAWAII FACTOID: The state tree in Hawaii is the Kukui tree, or Candlenut. A search of the net will take you to sites that describe burning the seed nut like a candle, which seems to make sense. So I found some, burned them, and confirmed that they will support a flame. So THAT's why they are called "candlenuts", I presumed. I wonder if the macademia, which is not native to Hawaii, but does seem to be high in fat, will also burn. Sure enough, the macademia nut burns. In fact the walnut, pecan, cashew, Brazil nut, filberts, even the peanut which is actually a legume will burn with a soft flame when lit! So, what is the big deal about a kukui nut that gave it the name candlenut? Do your own search for...."the rest of the story".
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