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Unicorn Poems

Here is a collection of unicorn poems. They are all copyrighted, but I would NEVER even dream of taking dredit for someone elses wonderful work! Now enjoy them, I did!

Unicorn The Unicorn with the long white horn Is beautiful and wild. He gallops across the forest green So quickly that he's seldom seen Where Peacocks their blue feathers preen And strawberries grow wild. He flees the hunter and the hounds, Upon black earth his white hoof pounds, Over cold mountain streams he bounds And comes to a meadow mild; There, when he kneels to take his nap, He lays his head in a lady's lap As gently as a child. --William Jay Smith Riddle In the middle of the middle of the middle grows a horn! It's a riddle of a riddle of a riddle-- Who is born with a little white horse body? a beard just like a goat? a lion's tail--and hind legs like a graceful antelope? a horn that spirals upwards from the middle of his head (which begins in white and then turns black and finally ends up in red)? In the middle of the middle of his forehead grows a horn And the answer to the riddle is a wondrous unicorn! --Myra Cohn Livingston The Paint Box "Cobalt and umber and ultramarine, Ivory black and emerald green-- What shall I paint to give pleasure to you?" "Paint for me somebody utterly new." "I have painted you tigers in crimson and white." "The colors were good and you painted aright." "I have painted the cook and a camel in blue And a panther in purple." "You painted them true. Now mix me a color that nobody knows, And paint me a country where nobody goes. And put in it people a little like you, Watching a unicorn drinking the dew." --E.V. Rieu The Unicorn While yet the Morning Star Flamed in the sky A unicorn went mincing by, Whiter by far than blossom of the thorn: His silver horn Glittered as he danced and pranced Silver-pale in the silver-pale morn. The folk that saw him, ran away. Where he went, so gay, so fleet, Star-like lilies at his feet Flowered all day, Lilies, lilies in a throng, And the wind made for him a song: But he dared not stay Over-long! --Ella Young Unicorn All that lives of legendry, Beauty, magic, mystery, Gentleness and purity, Dwells in me. I no mate, no kin, have known; None may claim me as his own; One is one, and all alone, It must be. Through their weariness and woe Men have sometimes seen me go, Felt a wind from Eden blow Suddenly: Though they hunt with spear and horn, Knowing life cannot be borne If they have no unicorn-- I am free. Though they kill, and weep to see Beauty's symbol ended be-- One is one and lives in me To eternity. --Nicholas Stuart Gray Starhorn Run, Starhorn Carry fire leaping from your starhorn Pierce worlds Cleft suns Tangle clouds Shatter time With your flaming starhorn Bring a wish, a maiden's wish Head in lap Eyes soft Starhorn. --Shirley Rousseau Murphy Unicorn Love Beautiful Unicorn, I've loved thee since I was born. For true and lovely is thy Alicorn I wish you were mine, Without you I'm not fine. My love is strong and true, My Unicorn I love you. --Rebecca Lee Mohnen The Land of the Unicorns I awoke one morning, to a land that was new. Where the clouds were white, and the sky a soft blue. This land was strange, there was nothing I knew. So I sat there on the soft, green moss, and contemplated what to do. But then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a light shimmer. The light came from the trees. So pure, so beautiful, but barely visible through the thick leaves. It was a pale pale white, and sparkled like the dawn, peeking up through the night. Then, I saw, what had caused the light. It was a peaceful unicorn walking gracefully through the night. At first I was frightened. But then my fear was no more. The unicorn came to talk to me and made me awe all the more. He said,"Dear child, be not afraid. Here in the Land of Unicorns we do whatever you bade. While here be peaceful and calm. Let no troubles enter your mind. You are welcome here." I most humbly replied, "Thank you kind sir, I will do as you say, now please, let me get on your back. Take me away." He didn't reply, only shook his head. Then walked softly off as I layed down on my soft green bed. --Jennifer The Unicorn Dream Every night I dream, Silent footfalls in my sleep, Flitting through the rising mist, I see glimpses; brilliant white. Dream eyes watch me search, Still, noiseless figures in the trees, They understand the need, They know it's all in vain. Countless times I've tried, Just one glance would be enough, An endless game, The winner; no one knows. I command, I ask, I plead, Nothing seems to work, He doesn't feel my want, As the mists part yet again. I give up and sit, Tears coursing down my cheeks, And he steps out, and I finally see My life, my love, my timeless Unicorn. --Suzy Untitled Passing Sleak, slender Smooth and swift Moving behind the trees, and beyond Shining glory, stopping briefly Eyes like stars, Blinks, And moves on. Shocked and still, Tranquil- The Unicorn --Lindsey In the Maiden's Lap In the moonlit glade- peace A ray of light spotlights the tranquil unicorn Crimson roses woven into its pearly, silken mane, it stands, sadness, solitude, and infinite wisdom in its amethyst eyes the delicate, silvery-white back ripples as it moves slowly, gracefully, across the glade Its starlit, cloven hooves strike the velvety grass without a sound The pearly white tail swishes gently back and forth back and forth Tears sparkling in its eyes, it comes and lays down, lying its head carefully in the maiden's lap Light radiates and sparkles on its horn I weave my fingers into his silken mane Unicorns... Unicorns. --Anonymous The Virgin and the Unicorn The unicorn and I are one: He also pauses in amaze Before some maiden's magic gaze, And while he wonders, is undone. On some dear breast he slumbers deep And Treason slays him in that sleep. Just so have ended my Life's days; So Love and my Lady lay me low. My heart will not survive this blow. --Unknown Lion and the Unicorns
(based on an old nursery rhyme dealing with the fight between England and Scotland) The Lion and the Unicorn were fighting for the crown; The Lion beat the Unicorn all around the town. Some gave them white bread, some gave them brown; Some gave them plum-cake and drummed them out out of town. --Unknown Title Ukknown She soars pearly-white, Safe upon wings of cloud. A star flares magic upon her brow, But her coat is dimmed; Her horn is quenched. Her wings fold away, And she can no longer fly. --Sarra Kyn Unicorn I searched for words to describe it, I found that there were none. I tried beauty and joyus, but they didn't fit, so then I tried, Unicorn. This creature had beauty and grace, but those words don't really describe it, This creature as lovely as lace. I thought of the name piece by piece, the Uni stands for unique, special, pretty, smart. And what does the corn stand for? I don't know, It just rhymes with horn, Thats all. --Paige Unicorn Where have you gone....... Have you fled from the madness of this world? Or are you hiding....... waiting........ waiting to reclaim the joy of running side by side with your love? Standing nobly, eyes searching for his mate, Lost to the aberration of this world. A single tear emerges from his sorrowful eye. He turns.......... Not looking back. Not wanting to see. With head bowed he disappears. --Diana Wilkins The Unicorns In mythical legend they stand alone, The most majestic creatures I've ever known. Never sighted they fly high above, Full of passion, magic, grace and love. A heart of silver, precious and pure, No human can touch them, they can be sure. For they have wings which whisk them away, To a far secret land where only they stay. A white mane embedded with tales, Of fairies, adventures and heroic males. Stories all entrusted to this marvellous creature, Your thoughts and secrets it will never feature. A horn which has more meaning than gold, It could never be stolen, auctioned or sold. For it is for the one and only unicorn, Its magical gift given when born. A unicorn's death happens every day, From myths and legends we all stray. Only in old and dusty books the animal's alive, Without imagination it will not survive. --Kirsty. L. McGinley The Unicorn's Doubts I wait... Will I always be alone? The last of my kind? Are they all dead? Dead and gone, I know. I know... Though I wish that it were not so Now that none believe, what now? Do I hide away in secret? Do I pine to death for my kin? I grieve... but what more can I do? Hunted into near-extinction, I, the last of my people, the last of the unicorns, I feel so- lost... Magic could take me away, to a world that would appreciate my strange beauty; but dare I go? For the few that DO believe, could I leave them? I wait... for answers... for guidance... I wait, the last of my kind, I wait. alone. --Dot Hutchison The Last Unicorn Soft tendrils of a silver mane, Brilliant blue eyes, glistening like rain. A touch of the softest of white, A wonderous coat, shining so bright. A spiraling horn, entwined with gold, A gentle being that shall never grow old. She prances within a moonlit glade, Then among the tiny sprites she lay. The purest of souls this being owns, Always understands, never condones. A heart so gentle, a love so strong, She is one who will never go wrong. A creature of hope, a heavenly sight, This beast, this pure being of light. She is the one with the golden horn, She is the very last unicorn. --Krista Knutson Rest Peacefully In the deep forest Lying under the trees Is the dragon who sits in grass up to his knees Also there lies the fairy and dwarf and elf All there to gaze upon her magnificent self She lies in a patch of sunlight grass green And around her, animals, they kreen For she is all knowing, beautiful and wise And kindness sparkles in the depths of her eyes She is the Unicorn Lovely and fair And as the slight breeze blows it ruffles her hair Her fellows of magic gathered beside her And the fair young maiden to guide her She shall conquer the darkness of all who defy her And so the sun sets And then the moonrise And all is well As stars shine in her eyes --Kara Dreams The soft winds blow around the trees. The soft moonlight aglow the land Sets shadows all upon my hand. And amber glow of twilight peace Releases me into a place of sunshine bright And of willow frights. But for all the beauty of thy lands Nothing more will dazel me Then to see beyond the hills Beyond the trees Beyond the lakes and beyond the thorns And look into thy eyes of a beautiful white unicorn. With eyes a shutter and nearly faint I feel no fear within this embrace. The light grows bright and my fears grow dim. To see the unicorn come prancing in. Her main is twirled by the whispering winds Her tail is feathered by glows a bright. For step by step i hear no pound. For feet so gracefully never touch the ground The sun above the grassy plains Sets glitters to the golden horn And eyes of blue shine like stars. The whisper of a horses neigh Is more that of an angles play No mortal hands shall embrace The warmth and love Of gods own grace Her coat glows white As that of a ghostly fright. But no fear do I feel In this time that fear is pale. Closer and closer oh how she comes. But oh how a touch would fail Closer she comes and stops at my feet. "Come my dear boy the time has come to meet your fate" She whispers these words so softly to my ear. And i rise to my feet as the words continue to repeat. "Come my boy the time has come to meet your fate" Oh how i wonder what does she mean. Can this be real can this be true Or is this a dream A tear in her eyes falls to the ground "I, am my dear that you had to drown You were quite brave my boy To show not a frown" The unicorn looks down and gives me a smile. "Come now the time grows near and we must leave" Leave I say where to and why For is my life over, am meant to die No words answered but a smile af serene Nothing to fear for the light has become dim "Now hurry my friend for we must leave Times for play are to be put to rest." And side by side we leave the land The land of the living the land of the dead The land of the secret and untold dreads. The soft winds blow around the trees. The soft moonlight aglow the land Sets shadows all upon my hand. And amber glow of twilight peace Releases me into a place of sunshine bright And of willow frights. --Nicole Walker Winter Snow The winter snow Softly falls, Its silent blanket Covers all. Hidden in the white Many do not see, The myth that Forever will be. A shining horse With a singe horn, With eyes of deep Brown that look forlorne. Mankind has forgotten What legends are, And a silent tear falls Like a small star. Alone is she, The unicorn white, Alone and afraid Of everlasting night. --Cerulean Skydragon My Unicorn Friend The raindrops had stopped falling on that cool summers' day, The sun was thawing the clouds away. When suddenly from behind the rainbow in a silvery haze, I stared in awe; I couldn't help but gaze. Something magnificent in gentle flight Came drifting down like snow in the night. Something magical with eyes shining bright, With a sturdy horn, and a mane of pure white. I gazed at this vision or was it a dream, Was it a Unicorn, could it have been? A mythical creature we've all heard of, The creature of hope and true love. Bringing some hope to my lonely heart, Trying to mend the faith that had fallen apart. I reached out to touch its beautiful face, Longing to take it in a loving embrace. The eyes of the Unicorn met mine for a moment in time, The message was clear, this creature was mine. To walk beside me on those long, lonely days, To help me understand its magical ways. I had found a friend, who would always be near, In times of sorrow, loss and fear. I carry this vision close to my heart, My love for my Unicorn will never part. It will walk beside me until the day, That special someone comes my way. Then my Unicorn and I will have to part, The Unicorn will have to find another lonely heart. Someone who needs a symbol of hope by their side, Someone to chase away the evil tide. Someone to bring back faith that is lost, Someone to chase away the frost. Unicorn, please never forget me, When that raindrops stop falling, And the sun thaws the clouds away, Because my Unicorn, I might need you someday, To chase sorrow and despair away. --Brenda Vermeulen Silver Swiftness Silver swiftness, Flies through the sky. Silver shadow, I watch you die. Hidden from our mortal sight, Only seen though dreams eye. Wary and mindful, Fear turns to shy. Cool as the full moon's shine. Majesty, magic, wisdom. Fair as the new sun's dawn. Where's your hidden kingdom? Coat so soft and silky. Silver with a heart of gold. Wings of great magnitude. Ageless, young and old. Wings bold and graceful. Feather's sharp and straight. Great ans peaceful wind, Calming breathe they create. Hooves a deep night black. Silent is their gait. No less power do they lack. Lead you on meet your fate. Silver thorn atop your head. It's desired in the hearts of all. The key to your wisdom? The key to your downfall. Love for you, Such have I. Cherish, wish seek. Search for where your lairs lie. Warn you of your fate. Save such a beloved life. Stop the arrows to your heart, Or the double-edged knife. But what's done is done, The past gone by. You are there somewhere. And still I search for where you lairs lie. Or is all that is left, Is one with no horn? Diminished in wisdom, Horse once Unicorn. --Silver Dagger Portrait of a Unicorn It stands by the glintsening, sparkling pool Pure white like snow, silken mane cascading From fine arched crest, down velvety slender neck The forlock drapes Ďround shining gold horn Long and slender, a delicate spiral Forelock rests near the eyes Big, brown, and gentle Set in the delicate, well- defined head Arabian- like, high and proud Slender fine muzzle Wide nostrils, dished face Ears picked and small But just the right size, complementing the head The creature paws sharp deer like slender hoof On elegant legs Powerful, swift, and strong Propelling the body Again like an Arabís Elegant, well- defined Arched silken tail streaming behind like a flag Pure white against green forest glade. --Danielle Higgins The Unicorn's Maiden She waits, quiet and still Holding golden bridle In the emerald forest Aware of the hidden archers In the brush. She waits, hands tired, Wanting to leave, but lo! A white beauty, with gold spiraled horn Slender hooves, tossing mane. She hesitates, pauses, feels sorry for The beautiful white creature, then Makes a decision to ignore the lore Claiming unicorns were cruel. She drops the bridle, jumps to her feet Runs to the unicorn, leaps on its back So gently, it lets her, then races into The emerald forest Away from the bewildered archers In the brush. The unicornís maiden and the unicorn go To peaceful freedom For both are no longer cultured sculptures But wild beauty of legend told The unicorn and its maiden. --Danielle Higgins Lone Unicorn I watch the night sky and I wonder, Shall it always be this way? Am I destined to live in solitude? The last of my kind, I lie alone in the quiet meadow. I stretch out slowly, wearily, Listening to the chirping creatures of the earth. My horn extends on the ground, I lay my cheek on the dirt, And a small tear rolls down in loneliness. --Holly <!--EndFreetext--> <p> </div> </body> </html>