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TWILIGHT 2000 First Edition



501 Free City of Krakow (1985)  Poland

We found them strung along the main road north of Krakow. It had been a small unit, maybe twenty-five, thirty men, three deuce-and-a-halfs and a couple of Hum-Vees. Someone had been very thorough. Helmets, jackets, boots, and (of course) all of their equipment, weapons, and ammo were long gone. Somebody even took the trouble to gather up the spent shell casings. There must have been quite a few of those, because the trucks looked like swiss cheese. It must have been quite a firefight, and it couldn’t have lasted long. They’d been ambushed, caught in the open by heavy automatic fire from at least three different spots among the woods thirty meters from the road. They didn’t have a chance. Five had been captured. We found them in an untidy pile off by the woods where they had been herded together and machinegunned. One truck had been burned; the others shot to bits and then stripped of everything useful; tires, engine parts,, canvas tops, they even drained the crankcase oil. It was like a plague of locusts hit,

502 Pirates of the Vistula (1985) Poland

Riverine Combat

503 Ruins of Warsaw (1985)  Poland

Macro Combat

504 U.S.Army Vehicle Guide (1986) Reference

U.S. Order of Battle and Organization

505 The Black Madonna (1985) Poland

University of South Florida Gamers Playtesters

506 Going Home (1986) Poland/ Germany

Train Rules; The players have a chance to leave Europe

507 Red Star Lone Star (1986) US/ Texas

Oil Platform Rules

508 RDF Sourcebook (1986) Reference

Additional Character Generation

509 Armies of the Night (1986)

510 Allegheny Uprising (1987)

Imagine us working for civies! We’d heard a fair amount about the breakup of the U.S. of A. while we were overseas, but it was still hard to realize that we were inthe middle of an honest-to-God civil war in everything but shooting. Both sides had settled into this “we’re the legitimate government, so don’t start anything” attitude which Milgov and Civgov glaring at one another and doing a lot of posturing, but no open least, not so far. There were a lot of scare stories out, of course-firing squads in Chicago and CIA people running around demanding loyalty oaths, that kind of thing-but those were wild rumors, you know?

511 Airlords of the Ozarks (1987)

512 Gateway to the Spanish Main (1987)

513 King’s Ransom (1987)

514 Soviet Vehicle Guide (1987)

515 Urban Guerilla (1987)

516 Small Arms Guide (1988)

517 The Last Submarine (1988)

518 Kidnapped (1988)

519 Howling Wilderness (1988)

520 Mediterranean Cruise ‘Last Sub 2’ (1988)

521  Boomer ‘Last Sub 3’ (1989)

522 Satellite Down (1988)

523 Return to Warsaw ‘Return to Europe’ (1989) Loren K. Wiseman

Remember that old movie called Star Wars ? Remember right after Luke greased the death star, When Vader regains control of his fighter that had been spinning off into space? We all thought the bad guy had had it, but he comes out of it alive. My girlfriend at the time was a American lit major, and she said that it was a metaphor and that it meant evil can be defeated but never destroyed. I was poly-sci, and I said it meant there was going to be a sequel. She didn’t like that much. We broke up before too much longer-she was an airhead anyway. When I heard the Black Baron was back, that scene was the first thing I thought of. I never saw Czarny in the flesh but from then on I imagined him as walking around in a black cape, talking like James Earl Jones, and making hissing noises when he breathed.

Last Battle Adaptations for Large Scale Combat

524 Bear’s Den ‘Return to Europe’ (1989) Tim Ryan and Scott G. White

525 Heavy Weapons Guide (1989) Loren Wiseman

526 NATO Vehicle Guide (1989) Frank Frey

527 White Eagle The Fate of All Poland Hangs in the Balance ‘Return to Europe’ (1990) Loren K. Wiseman

528 Survivor’s Guide to the United Kingdom (1990) Peter Phillips

551 LAST BATTLE First Battle Series Game



#1-24 were titled Journal of the Traveller’s Aide Society and do not have Twilight 2000 Articles or Information.


#25 The Baltic Coast: A Looter’s Guide P3; What do We Do Now? Reflections on Twilight 2000 P5; False Knight on the Road P9; Ref’s Notes: On the Use of NPC’s P14;

Special Supplement Twilight Miniature Rules P21.

#26 Twilight: 2000 Air Module P3; Flow Charts for Managable Campaigns P13; Equipment List VAB APC, ERC-90 Armored Car P14.

#27 The Mexican Army: 1998-2000 P3; The Inland Waterway: Supplementary Material for Twilight 2000 P6; Target 2000, The Hit List for WWIII P9; Twilight: 2000 Consolidated Price List P11.


#28 Air Module II P3; Wilderness Travel and Pursuit P6; Ultralights: A Closer Look P11.

#29 Weather P3; Inside an M1 P8; Buildings: Optional Rules for Urban Locales P12, Equipment List: OT-64, T-72, BMP-B, AAVP9, Scorpion Mk2/90 P15.

#30 Shell Game P3; Canada: 2000 P13; Equipment List: FV 432 Spartan, Fox Armored Car,  Challenger MkIIA, Leopard II, Gepard SPAA, Jagdpanzer Kanone, Jaguar, P19.

#31 USSR: 2000 P3; Combat ExamplesP7; Command Decision Articles Additional Aircraft for CD P15.


#32 Equipment for for Armor Crews P3; Native Canadian Ranger Regiment P8, Small Patrol Craft P9.

#33 Haute Cuisine a la 2000 P3, Equipment List: AMX-10RC, AMX-10P, AMX-30S, M741A6 PIVAD, M901 ITV, M-988 Sergeant York, Spahpanzer Luchs, Tpz 1 (Transportpanzer) Fuchs, UR-416 P6; USSR: 2000, Part II: The Hit List P9; Twilight Survey P11.

#34 Mobile Artillery-Mortars P6; The Compleat NPC P8.

#35 CitymakerP4.

#36 Red Maple P3, Equipment for Armor Crews P12.


#37 Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright P3.

#38 Umpiring Twilight P4; Military Electronics in Twilight P6; Equipment List: Lynx, Grizzly APC, Cougar, EE 11 Urutu, Commando V-300 APC, CommandoV-300 90mm Armored Car, Commando V-300 Mortar Carrier, Commando V-300 76mm Armored Car P8.

#39 Rifle River. (Includes T2000 Coast Guard Information)

#40 Heavy Weapons Guide Preview P4; The Stoner 63 Weapon System P8.

#41 The Village P14.


#42 A Rock in Troubled Waters P4.

#43 Sheltie Holiday P6; Errata & Corrigenda: Heavy Weapons Guide.

#44 Crossburn P6; Falling Fragments of a Dream (Includes info on the last space shuttle) P18.

#45 Twilight II: The Adventure Continues P6; BAGS: Body Armor Generation System P12.

#46 Attack of the Mud Men P6

#47 Letters from Readers (Finnish Army) P4; Our Friend Albania P6; Used Car Lot P15; The Horror Below (Cadilacs and Dinosaurs information usable with T2000) P42.


#48 Barbados P7; Strangers in A Strange Land P13; Infantry Weapons Special Preview P16.

#49 Pennsylvaina Crude P6; How to: Obtain Maps for Gaming P16.

#50 Not Available

#51 Black Siberia P6; Standard Operating Procedures P13.

#52 Not Available

#53 Naval Rules for Twilight: 2000 (Navy Character Generation) P6; New Equipment P12.

#54 Not Available

#55 Not Available.

#56 Lima Incident P6; Taking a Stand in Kurdistan (Merc: 2000) P10.

#57 Westward Ho! P6; Murphy’s Laws of Combat (Merc: 2000) P12.

#58 Not Available


#59 A Question of Identity (Skill Equipment Identification) P6.

#591/2 April Fools Special: Surprise Party (Merc: 2000) P46.

#60 Sailing P60; One Night in the City (Merc: 2000) P14.

#61 Spooktek P6; Murder Century P10; Sea Hawk Patrol Craft P37.

#62 Spectres in the Sky P6; Things got Wierder (Merc: 2000/Dark Conspiracy) P12.

#63 Dark Angel of the Night (Merc: 2000) P6; Battlesight Zero P12; Silent Wings (Mega Traveller but excellent rules for Glider Use) P14.

#64 Not Available

#65 It Was Unlikely P8; Terror in the Light P12.

#66 Achtung! Minen! P8;  Yearning for Antiquity P12.

#67 Not Available

#68 Poppies P6; Rolf MacKenzie, NPC Patron for Merc: 2000 P10.

#69-77 Not Available



2002  Infantry Weapons of  the World

2003 American Combat Vehicle Handbook

2004 Soviet Combat Vehicle Handbook

2005 MERC: 2000

2006 Bangkok Cesspool of the Orient

2007 NATO Combat Vehicle Handbook

2008 MERC: 2000 Gazeteer

2009 Nautical /Aviation Handbook

2010 Twilight Nightmares

2011 Heavy Weapons Handbook

2012 Special Operations Craig Sheely


2014 Castle by the Sea Nick Atlas

2015  “Twilight: 2000” ‘MERC:2000’ Referee’s Screen (D20 Game Mecchanics)






SJG GURPS 3rd Edition

SJG GURPS Special Ops

Morrow Project

GB-1 TM 1-1 The Morrow Project 3rd Edition

Project File R-001 Liberation at Riverton

Project File R-003 Operation Lucifer

Project File R-004 The Ruins of Chicago

Project File R-005 The Starnaman Incident

Project File R-007 Desert Search

Project File R-008 Prime Base

Project File 009 Bullets & Bluegrass


Recon The Roleplaying Game of the Viet Nam War

Recon MD’s Screen

Supplement One Sayeret & Track Commander

Module 2 Heart & Minds

West End Games

Price of Freedom Player Book

Price of Freedom Gamemaster Book