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TWILIGHT 2000 RPG Campaign By the Dawn's Early Light

Welcome to By The Dawn's Early Light Campaign.

Players for the most part will be members of the U.S. 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized) when it was overrun and destroyed as an effective fighting force, at the Battle Kalisz, in Poland. The 5th Division was spearheading 11th Corps' drive into Poland, the last NATO Offensive, of the war as part of German Third Army.
Players may create characters from other NATO countries if they can provide a good rational why that character was with 5thInf(M). Possibilities include Liason Officers, Translators, or Intelligence Officers.
Field Grade Officers (Major-Colonel) and Senior NCO's (Master Sergeant, First Sergeant, Sergeant Major) will be few in number. Players will have to write up a brief background that ties in and doesn't conflict with the First Edition History. A character could have been the Sergeant Major of the 3rd/77th Armored which was present at Kalisz. He can't be an officer in SEAL TEAM SIX who's remnants are in Norway commanded by a Chief Petty Officer.
Bottom line; if you want high rank or exotic background, you can have it if you are willing to work for it. A party consisting of mostly higher ranked individuals might be the remnants of a Battalion or Brigade HQ.

Character Creation and Equipment Issue

First Edition Character Creation
Second Edition Character Creation
2.1 Character Creation
2.2 Character Creation
Basic Issue and Starting Equipment
Initially Available Vehicles
Spec Ops and Other Elites Where Are they Now?
Capsule Review of World War III
5th Infantry Division (Mechanized) T.O.&E. Under Construction
Battle of Kalisz
Map Battle of Kalisz, Poland July 9-18, 2000
Operation URGENT FURY Grenada Point Salines Airport Map
Operation URGENT FURY Grenada Map Two
Operation Pegasus Map June 6, 1944
Black Powder Civil War Pistols 2nd Edition
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