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Refernce GDW 508 RDF Soursebook
Special Operations Character Creation
Characters created using these guidelines are very powerful with high skill levels. As such players running them will be limited to equipment equal in weight to their unemcumbered Total Load and the only vehicle available will the Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV)
With power comes responsibility so players running these characters will be held to a strict accountability.

John Wayne as Colonel Mike Kirby in the Green Berets

Special Operations units that can be created with these guidelines
United States
Army: Special Forces Detachment Delta
Navy: SEALs
Marines: Force Recon
Air Force: Special Operations Squadrons
United Kingdom Army: SAS 22nd Special Air Service Regiment
Marines: SBS Royal Marine Commando Special Boat Service
Army: Unit 269 (Counter-Terrorist) and Sayarat Matkal
Navy: Kommando Yomi
Soviet Union
Army: Spetsnaz
Navy: Naval Spetsnaz


Skill Lists:
All require Constitution and Intelligence of 12 with an enlistment roll of 10+ on 2D6, +1 to rank rolls.
Army: CRM, HW, BC, RCN, FOR, all at 1/2 cost; MTN 40, PAR 40, DEM 40, SCD 40, SBH 20; and CBE, MED, ELC (one at 40 and the other two at 20).
Navy/Marines: CRM, HW, BC, RCN, MC, DEM, FOR, all at 1/2 cost; MTN 40, PAR 40, SBH 40, SWM 40, and MED or ELC at 30
Air Force: CRM 40, PST 30, HW 20; FOR and RCN at 1/2 cost; MTN 20, PAR 40, DEM 20, SBH 20, SCB 20; Enlisted: add ELC, MED, ACM (one at 40 and the other two at 20); Officer: add LAP 40, JP, RWP, MEP one at 1/2 cost the other two at 30.

Third Code Number is 7

Other Character Creation Notes:
Naval Construction Engineers Sea Bees
CON 12, Enlistment 6 Basic Training as Marines
plus CVE at 1/2 cost, TVD 20, and CBE 30.
Add an additional CRM 10 and HW 10 to Basic Training
Marine Scout Snipers use RNG/INF with CRM at 1/2 Cost
Foreign Legion
Officers must be French Citizens
CON 12 requied
Gurka and Paras must have CON 12, both are treated as Rangers in addition Gurkas received MTN 40 and Paras received Para 40