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S-4 Logistics Office

This details the logistics information you need to play and will be used to maintain group equipment rosters and vehicle status information.
All equipment other than personal items must be listed in an official Twilight Reference. The war started in 1995 so anything designed / entering service after that date probabily doesn't exist in this campaign, unless GM has given prior approval. The flipside is some equipment that was proposed and never produced does exist. Examples include the M1E2 Abrams/Giraffe with a casemate turret and all three crew in the hull; the M988 Sergeant York Air Defense Gun / tracked radar directed twin 40mm's (sort of a high tech M-42 Duster); and the HMMWV CSV.

Special Request Items

Want it and can't find the stats?
The Logistics Office will see what it can do

HMMWV CSV House Rules

Chrome ie... added detail is encouraged but at the same time let's not overdue it. I don't want this game to turn into Logistics 101. You have 1-2 player characters to keep up with I have the whole group. In your turn write ups, it fine to put your adding hot sauce to your C-Rations, but under equipment I don't need a listing of 6 bottles and the brand names. I'll use MRE's as an example we have AF Survival Rations, Juneau Rations, MRE's, C-Rations,ect... in game terms they work out the same, granted in real life some taste better than others. I griped about C-Rations, my Navy Sea Bee father about K-Rations, and then we almost all have had the pleasure of MRE's: Meals Refused by Ethiopians.
Point being detail adds to the game but don't get carried away.

M-60E3 Light Machine Gun
Light weight bipod under the receiver, pistol grip instead of the usual forestock. Originally issued to USMC.
First Edition Stats
Ammo 7.62N 33 shot belt (100 rounds real life)Wt 8 kg, Price $2000 S/R
ROF 4 Mag 33 Rng 120 Dam 4 Arm -

Per the picture in the vehicle guide there are four doors but the back two are for weapon maintenance and ammo loading. The vehicle can carry .5 tons but this is effectively reduced to 50Kg after allowing for ammo and crew. Seating is driver and gunner front with a TC seat between them and slightly to the rear. The gunner has a downlinked television monitor effectively a much improved vehicle periscope. There is a roof hatch for the TC, which allows up to head and shoulders exposure, Special hearing protection is required if the gun is in use and forward firing arcs that involve depressing the gun will be effected.

Group Vehicles

HMMWV Fire Support Vehicle
Wear Value 5 Breakdowns 5
Tr Mov 200/60 Com Mov 50/15
Fuel Cap 90 Fuel Consumption 30
Vehicle Weight 2 Tons load .5 Tons
Armament Turreted 25mm Chaingun ROF 5 Rng 250
Max 297 current 200 rounds (25 APFSDSDU, 25 API, 150 HE)

5-Ton Truck
Wear Value 7 Breakdowns 6
Tr Mov 175/35 Com Mov 40/8
Fuel Cap 280 Fuel Consumption 70
Vehicle Weight 10 Tons Load 5 Tons
Armament Jury rigged M2 HMG 50cal

UAZ 469 Warsaw Pact Jeep
Wear Value 9 Breakdowns 2
Tr Mov 215/45 Com Mov 50/10
Fuel Cap 60 Fuel Con 20
Vehicle Weight 1.6 Tons Load .5 Tons
Armament PK 7.62mm Pintle Mount
Only certain individuals know where this vehicle is cached

Group One Equipment
Five Ton Truck
Std Vehicle Pioneer Tools
Basic and Wheeled Vehicle Tool Kit
Medium Still
10 25 liter Jerry Cans Empty
For above 5 Plastic Water and 5 Metal Fuel
5Kw Generator
Chemical Sniffer
6 Chemical Defense Suits and Protective Masks
For above 2S/2M/2L 12 extra filters for masks
400 kg MRE
Food Wild (for Still) 200 Kg
Arc Welder
Power Hand Tools
Electric Repair Kit
60 mm Mortar with 12 HE, 6WP, 2 Illum
Case Frag Grenades (30)
Case Smoke Grenades (16)
One Case 7.62mm N ammo(600 rounds)
one Case 7.62mm N ammo(500 rounds)
One Case 5.56mm ammo (540 rounds)
1 50 km Secure Radio (CEOI's for US 11th Corps)
4 2Km Hand Radios
Chemical Sniffer and Geiger Counter
Four Man Tent
Towed 1 Ton/1000 liter Tank Trailer Water Buffalo filled with Methanol
Wear Value 8 Breakdowns 7
Group Two Equipment
Need to Know Basis

Group Two Equipment
All Player Characters will have two horses
Three PC's 6 horses total
All NPC's will have one horse
Eight NPC's 10 horses total
Additional Pack Horses led by NPC's
Mulder: 2 25 Liter Plastic Jerry Cans with drinking water, 30kg MRE, one case 5.56mm ammo (540 rounds), 75kg grain/feed
Scully: 2 25 Liter plastic Jerry Cans with drinking water, 85 Kg grain/feed