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Leftenant Colonel Osborne McLaren DSO, DCM Earl of Silverstone

Osborne McLaren was born into a well to do Scotish family associated with automotive racing. They were especially active in the prestigous Grand Prix Circuits of European Formula One. Oz as he was called by his friends split his time between acting as the team's back-up driver and chasing the ladies. He also fenced, practiced martial arts, and was into collecting guns. He escaped unhurt from a spectaculer crash during the Monaco Grand Prix. Despite the fact that the crash was another driver's fault it would have serious consequences. This event caused his girlfriend to break up with him as she couldn't handle him risking his life every couple of weeks on the Grand Prix Racing Circuit. His father removed him from the racing team to preserve the sole male heir to the family name.
He enlisted in the Parachute Regiment to prove to his father he could make it on his own. Completing jump training; he was assigned to the 2nd Battalion just before they shipped out for the Falklands. Oz would distinguish himself and be awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal and was Mentioned in Dispatches. Upon his return, the Paras would see service in Northern Ireland where he sharpened his Urban Warfare Skills and received a promotion to Sergeant. He acqired a vintage Model 1928 Thompson SMG, captured from an engagement with IRA Terrorists; while failing to pierce body armor he was very impressed with its knock down power. His distinguished service to date, caused his superiors to look the other way, allowing him to keep and carry his nonregulation weapon.
{Want a weapon that holds a lot of bullets take a 9mm, want a weapon that knocks someone down so they don't get back up choose a 45 caliber}
Completing his current enlistment he received an appointment to the British Military Academy at Sandhurst. He believed his father's influence was behind the scenes, but no longer having anything to prove, he accepted. He made the academy fencing team and became quite proficient with the sabre. He would graduate with Honors and received his first choice of assignment; Commissioned a Subaltern in The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, he went on to attend The Royal Armored Corps Tank Warfare School and was qualified on the Challenger MkI Main Battle Tank. He served for a brief period of time in the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) assigned to 7th Brigade of the First Armored Division. The Desert Rats as the 7th Brigade was known had fought Rommel at El Alamein in North Africa. Oz's Brigade would spearhead the First Armored Division's drive into Iraq. His Troop would rescue the crew of a downed US Black Hawk Helicopter under heavy fire, that turned out to be carrying members of US SFDD. For bravery under fire he received the Distinguished Service Order and was again Mentioned in Dispatches. He never did find out what the Yanks were doing in the British area of operations, and his superiors suggested he stop asking. The American Commander took a interest and liking to his young Brit rescuer and his vintage Tommy Gun. The conversation soon turned to firearms and the Delta Team Leader presented him with a Delta Colt Commander accurized 45 caliber pistol. Osborne's troop would go on to run up an impressive string of tank kills and his Squadron Commander would achieve a remarkable 4000 meter range kill against an Iraqi T-55.
{To date this is the longest range tank kill on record}
After the Mideast settled down newly promoted Captain McLaren was assigned to UK Embassy in Tel Aviv as a junior Military Attache. There he made friends with several Israeli Armor Officers and managed to obtain a Desert Eagle 50 caliber Action Express Pistol. This assignment lasted only a short time before he was volunteered for the U.K. contingent of peacekeeping forces deploying to Kosovo. It seems his political views in favor of an independent Scotland,and questions about a downed US Blackhawk Helicopter were overheard at an Embassy Dinner and had reached the wrong ears.
In Belgrade he met and started dating a Danish Journalist Amber Hannigan who was reporting on the NATO Forces. Prior to becoming a military corresondent she had followed the racing scene. They had many common interests; but strangely enough it turned out she was in the Danish Army Reserves and was a driver of a British Built Centurion Tank in use with the Jutland Division. (Demark has female tank crews). They would be engaged in Decmeber 1995.
Major Osborne saw World War III breakout back with BAOR and the First Armored Division. He had earned his Black Belt in Karate during this time and is rumored to have participated in the Kumite (Full Contact) during leave in Hong Kong. The first year of the war was one of double tragedy. Most of his family was killed in one of the early nucleur exchanges. His fiance had returned to Denmark to visit her family and answered the mobilization call. The Jutland Division suffered over 80% casualties and none of its obsolete Centurions survived. Amber is currently missing in action.
Oz maintained the stiff British upper lip and held out for the best. Several months later, Oz was casually talking to several fellow officers near one of the few remaining tanks in the RSDG when a staff officer from the Queens Irish Hussars (4th Bde 1st UK Armored Division) approached, saluted, and presented a message, from the Division Commander for His Grace Colonel McClaren. Bracing himself he recieved the news of his promotion and the death of his father. Inheriting his father's title and a promotion to Leftenant Colonel the new Earl of Silverstone led his Armored Squadron with a vengeance. No risk was to great and he fought with a reckless abandon. Any Russian Prisoners who had fought in Denmark or Northern Germany were ruthlessly questioned for information about the Jutland Division. During 1997 The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards turned in their few remaing armored vehicles which were being consolidated in select units. The Regiment became a Corps Reconaissance Unit. Mounted on horseback they reverted to their original title of Royal Scots Greys and conducted long rang, deep penetration recon missions behind enemy lines. June 2000 saw the Royal Scot Greys withdrawn for a rest and Leftenant Colonel McClaren assigned as British Liason to the US 5th Infantry Division Mechanized. He arrived on July 8, 2000 just in time for the Battle of Kalisz. Finding Division Headquarters overloaded with REMP(F)'s and the division commander in no need of a liason officer as no UK forces were in the area he sought to make himself useful. He found the 1st/40th Armored Battalion short of trained tank crews and volunteered his services. He soon found himself the TC of an M1A1 Abrams. This unit provided the final rearguard for the Division Headquarters, Support and Service units. Nightfall saw his tank out of ammo and fuel, it had been hit numerous times by the obsolete T-72's of the Polish 10th Tank Divsion. Ordering his crew to escape and evade, while he prepared to destroy sensitive equipment with a Thermite Grenade. He saw both the driver and gunner disapear into the darknes as he turned on the lights to blind the Poles with the glare and pinned them down with covering fire from the coupala machinegun. The radio crackled and sparked one last message in the clear. Red Diamond Six to all units Good luck you're on your own now.Hearing that he grabbed his gear, pulled the pins on several Thermite Grenades and headed north towards the wooded area between Kalisz and Konin. He hopes to find a safe crossing spot along the Warta River. Linking up with any NATO forces he can find along the way.

The Final Battle of the Royal Scots Geys

Osborne McClaren
Stands 5'11" and weighs 190 pounds, black hair and brown eyes, left handed
He wears British Camo Fatiges, Brown Cavalry Boots, a Black Royal Armored Corps Beret with the Crest of the Royal Scot Dragoon Guards, his epilats display a subdued single pip and crown indicating a rank of Leftenant Colonel, on his left shoulder is a black 'Jerboa' Desert Rat on a tan background, the insignia of the 7th Armored Brigade, above his left pocket are British Para Regiment Jump Wings, casually held in his left hand is vintage Tommy Gun with 50 round drum,in his right hand tucked under his arm is the classic British Swagger Stick, on his left hip in a Browning Holster a Desert Eagle 50 caliber Action Express Pistol, on his right is a 45 caliber Colt Commander in a shoulder holster
Strength 6
Agility 8-1 (7)
Age catches up with all of us
Constitution 6
Charisma 6
Intelligence 5
Education 6

Languages: British English 10, Scot's Gaelic 10, Russian 4
Leader 3
Persuasion 2
Instruction 1
Heavy Weapons 2 120mmMBT
Tracked Vehicle Driver 1 Challenger MBT
Combat Engineer 1
Small Arms Rifle 8 Thompson SMG
Specialization 7+ Thompson SMG
Range Close 90m/Medium 180m/Long 360m/Extreme 720m
Small Arms Pistol 4 Desert Eagle Action Express
Melee Combat Unarmed 8 Karate
Melee Combat Armed 4 Sabre
Thrown Weapon 2 Grenade
Observation 6
Stealth 4
Swimming 2
Parachute 1
Navigation 1

Challenger of the 7th Brigade Desert Rats during Operation Granby UK forces in Desert Storm

First Term U.K. Basic Training and Parachute Regiment
1980-83 / 21 year old saw action in the Falklands
Second Term U.K. Sandhurst Military Academy
1984-87 / 25 years old
Third Term UK Armor Officer
1988-91 / 29years old saw action in Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia
Fourth Term UK Armor Officer
1992-95 / 33 years old peacekeeping forces Kosovo / engaged to a Danish Journalist Amber Hannigan
Fifth WAR Term UK Armor Officer
1996-99 / saw extensive action in Germany and Poland

Challengers of the RSDG in Germany


Model 1928 Thompson SMG
Ammo:45ACP, Wt:7Kg, Mag 50 or 100 round drum, 20 or 30 round box mag
ROF 5, Damage 2, Penetration Nil, Bulk 5,
Recoil: Single Shot 1, Burst 3 Range 30

Colt Commander 1911A1 Semiautomatic Pistol Accurized
Ammo:45ACP, Wt:1.4Kg, Mag 7 {plus one in the pipe}
ROF SA Damage 2 Penetration Nil, Bulk 1
Recoil: 3 Range 12

Desert Eagle .50 Action Express Semiautomatic Pistol
Ammo:.50AE, Wt:1.5 Kg, Mag 7 {plus one in the pipe}
ROF SA Damage 3 Penetration 2-Nil, Bulk 1
Recoil: 6 Range 12

Work in Progress
Equipment List:
Load 36Kg=79.2 pounds
Thompson SMG 7Kg
Desert Eagle Pistol 1.5 Kg
Colt Pistol 1.4 Kg
AN/PVS-5A "Starlight Scope" 2Kg
AN/PRC-126 2Km FM Radio; Btty life 48 hours 1.2Kg

Web Belt .5Kg
LBV-88 Combat Vest 1.1Kg, holds 6 thirty round smg mags, 1 first aid pouch .2Kg, 1 military compass and pouch .2Kg and four attachment points with military flaslight .25Kg
A.L.I.C.E. Pack and Frame 3.6Kg holds 30Kg gear
Butt Pack .6Kg, holds 5Kg

NMC-40 Warrior FAV
Three seat version, third seat is mounted between the engine and the passenger compartment, facing towards the rear. Two weapons mount, one in front of the forward passenger's seat,and one mounted between the rear passenger seat and the engine.
Fuel Type D,G, AvG, A
Load 350Kg
Vehicle Weight 1.5 tons
Crew 1+2
Maintenance 4
Night Vision Headlights
50 KM secure Vehicle Radio 10Kg
4-man tent 4Kg