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CIVGOV / MILGOV Who’s Legal? Who’s Right?

{The Module Howling Wilderness 0519 is the framework for this article. There are numerous refernces throughout the Twilight Modules about CIVGOV based on the original Civillian Government and MILGOV the Joint Chiefs who took over in an war time emergency, and both governments claims. I’ve written an abbreviated version which has been fine tuned for the Dawn’s Early Light Campaign. For the most part it follows the GDW/Twight 2000 History, but I have made some changes with actions and personalities, and elaborating on areas not covered}


The Thanksgiving Day Masscre November 1997

   The day after Thanksgiving, orbiting military surveillance satellites picked up the launch signatures characteristic of SRBM (submarine launched ballistic missiles). President John Tanner was killed when Air Force One crashed on take off as he was being evacced with key staff members from Washington. It was never determined if the aircraft suffered an accident, was sabotaged or was effected by the EMP. Upon hearing of the crash. Vice President Julie Pemberton remained at the White House and authorized the Doomsday Flight (S.A.C.’s Airborne Command Post) to give orders for a retalitory strike. It was her intention to board Marine One and fly to the Congressional Emergency Facility in the West Virginia Mountains (see my links page about this real life Congressional Bolt Hole) She was killed  by an inbound missile that took out most of Washington. National Command Authority was totally disrupted with the destruction of The White House, Pentagon, and Offut AFB-HQ of the Strategic Air Command. NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain took a direct hit (3mt ground burst) but survived however all communications were out of service. Contact was lost with The Airborne Command Post (a Boeing 707) and its fate has never been determined. It was more than 22 hours before the Speaker of the House Munson was located and sworn into office. To help maintain continuity of government he retained the surviving Tanner Cabinet Members and declared Martial Law citing Lincoln’s actions during the Civil war as president. One of his first acts was to appoint CIA Director Jack Ryan  as Vice President. Congress lacked a quorum to confirm the appointment but the members present passed a resolution approving the nomination. Nuclear exchanges continued through out December. Congress attempted to reconvene at the Emergency Facility but many members were unwilling or unable to attend.

A Mild Nuclear Winter January 1998

   The end of the world didn’t happen but there were massive casualties due to shortages of food, fuel oil, and medical supplies. Collapse of the transportation grid made distributing what remained very difficult. The US population was reduced by a third of prewar numbers.

February to May 1998

   Saw massive food riots broke out as everyone was convinced that their area was being short changed to give favor to another part of the country. On May 19th President Munson suffered a nervous breakdown, Vice President Ryan claiming his nomination hadn’t been confirmed stepped aside in favor of the Secretary of State. He was not in good health and suffered a heart attack only a week later,  his successor the Secretary of Energy was so overwhelmed by the task she would commit suicide by the end of the month.

September-December 1998

   Saw the First Invasion of US Soil since the War of  1812.  Mexican Forces spearheaded by Division Cuba from the South crossed the Rio Grande and Russian forces from Siberia poured across the Bearing Straight into Alaska. Utah was the first of several state legislatures to grant their Governors emergency powers, defederalize their National Guard, and take over Federal facilities. The Star and Bars once again flew over the capitol of South Carolina and Texas found a hidden resource in the well maintained aircraft of the Confederate Air Force. Russian forces were strafed by aging P-51’s and P-47’s while their supply depots were bombed  by Fifi the last surving B-29 and several aging B-17’s

January-March 1999

   The Federal Government was attempting to find prewar Senators and Congressmen to establish the next in line and set up elections. This was largely unsuccessful and the military attempted to run things on the local level while the politicians sorted things out.

   April saw Congress reconvened in Omaha. There were considerable irregularities over credentials (including one old style gunfight on the new capitol steps) many questioned its legitimacy. Some states sent no participants claiming they were now independent. It was realized for the nation to survive order had to be reestablished. Needing a symbol from the prewar government who was both popular and had an honest reputation many turned to the Director of the CIA . Jack Ryan was confirmed as Vice President and succeed to the Presidency.

   The aging General Rhetnug Swolleb had been recalled from retirement and appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs by President Tanner only a couple of months prior to the initial nuclear exchange. Tanner’s intention was to appoint a figurehead general to rubber stamp his military policies. Swolleb had played along during the confirmation hearings but the old man seemed to get new energy upon receiving two more stars. Operation Pegasus in the Persian Gulf showed he still had his finger on the pulse of events.

   President Ryan proposed to Congress that General Swolleb be promoted to “Five Star Rank General of the Army” in recognition of his exceptional service during a time of national crisis. This would make him the first five star since Omar Bradly.  The proposal passed with only a handful of descenting votes. Swolleb wasn’t going to be bought off that easily. General Swolleb did not accept the legality of the Omaha or Rump Congress as it was called. For almost the last ten months the military had to fend for itself while the politicians bickered. Now all of a sudden they were taking charge. He was to turn over all launch codes, remaining aircraft and command authority to someone formerly from the Intelligence Service. “I think not.” he said. Not until an accurate census was taken, congressional districts reassigned, and emergency elections held would he turn over power.    

   MILGOV established itself at Colorado Springs, Colorado at the US Air Force Academy. The Cadet Brigade was called to active service and with a cadre of surviving Joint Special Ops Cmd formed a well disciplined security force, using equipment from the 4th Inf Div(M),  Fort Carson a Reforger unit that had been flown to Germany to draw PONCUS stocks.  It is rumored the last surviving Strategic Bombers and nuclear warheads at nearby Patterson AFB.

   MILGOV has also established the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) to take over for the CIA which supports Ryan and CIVGOV. Germany and Great Britain recognize MILGOV while France feels CIVGOV is legitimate.


Additional News from Home via letter and newspapers


The following States have declared independence: Texas which now calls itself the Lone Star Republic, this state is unique in having moderate oil reserves and an antique but fully servicable Air Force of 30 WWII vintage aircraft.  Florida with its new capitol at Los Disneys; when organized state government collapsed the Mouse took over. Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina have declared themselves the Confederate Sovereign States, and Utah has closed its borders. A large survivalist group known as New America seems to have cells everywhere. A group simply know as MP with green coverall uniforms has turned up in many places attempting to help the population rebuild and provide all forms of techincal assistance. They seem very well supplied and equipped.



President Jack Ryan

What more needs to be said



Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General of the Army Rhetnug Swolleb

1st  (17-21) 1956-59 Appointed to West Point Commissioned 2nd Lt INF Branch

2nd (22-25) 1960-63 1st Lt INF  CIA Training Cadre “Bay of Pigs Invasion” Cuba

3rd  (26-29) 1964-67 Captain ABN INF Jump School Staff Officer

4th  (30-33) 1968-72 Capt ABN INF Co Cmdr  2 Tours in Vietnam Tet Offensive

5th  (31-37) 1973-76 Major INF Bn XO Korea 2nd Div Ax Incident

6th  (38-41) 1977-80 Lt Col INF RNG Rngr School Bn Cmdr Spt for Iran Rescue

7th  (42-45) 1981-84 Colonel Bde Cmdr 82nd ABN Colonel Grenada

8th  (46-49) 1985-88 Brigadier General Grad Univ Military War College

9th  (50-53) 1989-92 Major General Panama / Desert Storm Cmdr 82nd Airborne

10th(54-57) 1993-96 Lieutenant General Idle Rich Army Reserve

                                  1993-94  Cmdr XVIII Airborne Corps

                                  1995 retires with 35 years active duty.

                                  1996 founds Blade & Blaster Wargames company posts record 

                                           sales and revitalizes a dying hobby.

11th(58-61) 1997-00 General Recalled to Active Duty  by Presidential Order appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff;  by Special Act of Congress appointed General of the Army June 2000


Ok I admit I had some fun with this one but it just goes to show how an idle game master with time on his hands can number crunch and abuse a perfectly good game system. (2.2 Edition)


STR 6 (-3)(+2) AGL 5 (-3) CON 5 (-1)(+2) INT 7 EDU 6 (+1) CHR 5

English 10

German 10

French 5

Leadership 8

Navigation 5

Construction 4

Computer 5

Observation 4

Parachute 3

Persuasion 6

Wheeled Vehicle 3

Small Arms Rifle 7 (Pistol 3)

Swimming 1

Thrown Weapon 1

Martial Arts Unarmed 4 (Armed 2)

Forward Observer 2

Survival 1

Stealth 1

Horsemanship 1

Small Watercraft 1

Snow Skiing 1

Swimming 1