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Israeli Defence Force Characters


508 RDF Soursebook for Twilight 2000


The following Israeli units are attached to US Third Army in Iran:

35th Airborne Brigade Current Strength 900 men Located at Bandar-e-Khomeyni

7th Armored Brigade Current Strength 800 men 18 AFVís at Bandar-e-Deylam

109th Combat Helicopter Company Current Strength 10 AH-1Vís Bandar-e-Deylam




Israeli Defense Force Ranks

Roll Enlisted Officer

1†††† Pvt††††††† 2nd Lt

2†††† Pvt††††††† 2nd Lt

3†††† LCpl†††† 1st Lt

4†††† LCpl†††† 1st Lt

5†††† Cpl††††††† Capt

6†††† Sgt††††††† Capt

7†††† SSgt††††† Major

8†††† SGM†††† Major


All nonnative born Israelis get Hebrew as a second language free. Native born is Israelis speak Hebrew as their primary language.

Create your character normally substitutingthese Branch / Specialty Skills



Infantry Enlistment Roll 5 CON 12+CRM 30, HW 20, PAR 40, RCN 40; TVD or LCG at 20.


Combat Medic Enlistment Roll 6+ INT 12+MED at 1/2cost, PAR 40, PST 20.


Heavy Weapons Enlistment Roll 6+ CON 12+CRM 20, HW 40, PAR 40, RCN 20; either TVD or LCG at 20.


Sayaret (Recon) Enlistment Roll 7+ CON 12+ INT 12+CRM 30, BC and RCN at 1/2 cost, MTN 40, PAR 40; either TVD or LCG at 20


Unit 269(Counter-Terrorist)Enlistment Roll 10+ CON 12+ INT 12+CRM, HW, BC, RCN, FOR all at 1/2 cost, MTN 40, PAR 40, DEM 40, SCD 20, SBH 20;CBE/MED/ELC one at 40 and two at 20.


Included for general information and if the campaign moves to the Mideast. I doubt anyone can sell on me on IDF troops in Poland consistant with the Twilight 2000 History, but give it your best shot.