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Victoria's Dwelling
Victoria's Dwelling

Victoria's Dwelling

Hiya! I've revamped a bit...okay a lot. I changed the whole body, no more tables yay!!! Now I've got some cool clickable buttons, and I got the decriptions back! So, I'm happy, you're happy, the world is peaaceful. Go surf.

Elise <=^.^=>

Last Updated Aug. 16!!

The Dwelling's own libary! Go pull up a comfy chair and read a few of our stories!

Role Playing CATS game! Go to the junkyard and see what the Jellicle's are doing!

My Jellicles! These are all of the jellicls I've adopted!

Go see what cats are free for the playing on the junkyard RPG!

Go Voice your Choice in the booth!

My Guardains!

Some awards I've won! I'd like to thank mom my dad.....

Listen to me yap on and on about true love!

Jellicle links, to Jellicle webpages!

Do you know a person who looks/acts like a jellicle? If so, Jellicle Reminders is your place!

The CATS U.S.A. Tour RPG!!

NEW! Do you think your the biggest Jacob Brent fan?

Jellylorum's Jellicle Graphics

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