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Greetings and Welcome

This site has moved.

It is now Located at You can click there or use the links on the right to go there quickly. Please update your book marks. This account will be emptied shortly.
"3 Wheeler World Team"

    Welcome you have just found The nets biggest, most informative, and best site on three wheelers. Our mission is to keep the sport of 3 Wheelers alive. We have information on the rare factory racing three wheelers such as the Tiger, & Cagiva. But don't worry, we're not all just about the rare racers, We're here for all makes and models,regardless of how old or new they are, that is why we're called Three WHeeLeR WoRLD. Wana chit chat with other three wheeler riders? Check out the message board, or for real time chat, try our chat room on Wednesday nights at 8:00 PM Eastern Time with trivia! You could win a FREE sticker! In need of some parts? Checkout the parts section to find out who made them for your three wheeler, and if there still available. Then check the classifieds to see someone one has that part for sale. Want to see some specifications for your 3 Wheeler? Check out the 34 pages of specifications. Thanks for browsing and don't forget to bookmark this site, it gets better and better every week.

What is Happening:

     We launch Soon to have more pictures and info. Please check it out.

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