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Seasidekrafts seashell Crab Critters
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seashell crabs You have heard of "PET ROCKS" here is
Newest Fad!!!! CRAB CRITTER !!! A must have for every FISHER PERSON,SPORTS-PERSON, OCEAN LOVER. They Have been know to call CRABS to your Pots. Just pet his back and watch there magical powers.

Each comes with his own Name and Birthdate There are made all out of Seashells Approx 7" x 4" ONLY $12.95 plus shipping/handeling

Seashell crabs

Order by credit card today with pay pal. If you prefer to pay by check/Mo there is a printable order form.

These "CRABS" go great in Bait-shops,sport shops,Seaside novelties, Souveniour stores E-mail for wholesale pricing

Secure order by credit here
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