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Host: But now, it's time for Christina! Please welcome Sleepy Hollow star Christina Ricci!

Christina Ricci: Hi this is Christina - glad to be online.

Marty2634 asks: Hello Christina, Describe what it was like to act in "Sleepy Hollow"?

Christina Ricci: It was great. It was a really exciting movie to do. I've always wanted to work with Tim. And I've known Johnny for a while and I've wanted to work with him And the special effects made it exciting to work with.

beck_15_99 asks: What is your favorite memory of shooting Sleepy Hollow?

Christina Ricci: I don't really have a favorite memory. I had a great time all in all. We had a wonderful crew and I loved being in London for those six months. Nothing really stands out - over all I had a wonderful time.

bome61111 asks: how do u like being a blonde?

Christina Ricci: It was a wig for this movie and that was great - I got to put it on in the morning and take it out at night. It added to the whole experience for this movie. It was so princessy and fairy tale-like. It made me feel like I was in Sleepy Hollow.

christinariccilover asks: What is the difference between doing a big budget movie like Sleepy Hollow compared to a film like Buffalo 66, which is more independent?

Christina Ricci: There isn't really that much different. Except there's a lot more money with a movie like Sleepy Hollow so there's a lot more time. The mood on set is a bit more relaxed. And the people are more perfectionist. Where in Buffallo 66 there was limit on how much you could shoot each day. Better food on set!

LisMichelle asks: When you go to the movies do you prefer comedy or drama? Any favorite film classics?

Christina Ricci: I really like all kinds of movies. I'll see almost any movie on video. The only kinds of movies I have to see in theaters are scary movies. My all time favorite film is Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe.

LisMichelle asks: If you could recreate any role in Hollywood history what would you choose?

Christina Ricci: I'd love to do.

vacanna asks: What was it like working with Johnny Depp?

Christina Ricci: It was great Johnny is one of the kindest people I've ever met. So sincere and generous.And he doesn't take himself seriously. He's in my next movie, The Man Who Cried and we have full-on sex scenes in that movie, which is weird since I've known him since I was nine. But it wasn't uncomfortable because we could laugh and joke about things.

bashers2 asks: Is it easy for you to do different dialects and facial expressions? You did especially great in Sleepy Hollow and the Ice Storm.

Christina Ricci: Facial expressions - no - that's a very key part of my job. Dialects are harder - since I'm used to playing teenagers in America in the 90s. It's hard, you have to think about every work coming out of your mouth. Every intonation. It's a bit harder. A little more subconscious.

jonathan_r24 asks: Christina, do the characters you play ever frighten you?

Christina Ricci: No, not really. I would say Sleepy Hollow is the most unrealistic character I've played. Sleepy Hollow is the most fairy tale character. Most characters I play are unhappy people, variations of these characters (except Wednesday) so they don't scare me. I think the things that scare me are the things that are so far from reality.

creamgeetar asks: Do u ever forget your lines?:)

Christina Ricci: Oh yeah, of course. I've been doing this for so long It's usually not an issue but just like anyone else, I'll flub a line.

Marty2634 asks: Hello Christina, Describe what makes Tim Burton such a great Director?

Christina Ricci: I've always loved Tim's films. I love his aesthetic I think his movies are so elegant and peaceful and innovative. There are people who copy him now. Working with him - what's so great is his enthusiasm. He's like a kid in a candy store. He mouths along with your lines on the dialogue. He gets so excited and makes you feel like you're a big part of everything.

iluvsugarray2004 asks: Did you like being a part of recreating a tale that has been around for such a long time?

Christina Ricci: Yeah, that's part of what made me want to do the movie. I don't remember teh first time I heard about the Headless Horseman and the fairy tale. I've always just known about it. And we have very few American fairy tales and it's great to be a part of it. Especially since it's from where I"m from - a nearby town.

playa_0000 asks: do u watch your own movies?

Christina Ricci: Well yeah, I have to, in order to answer questions about them. There are a few I haven't seen because I heard they were so bad I wouldn't want to. And sometimes they'll be on and I"ll watch them. There will be distance from those movies that I did a while ago so you can laugh at yourself and appreciate them.

Qepe3 asks: It seems that younger actresses today, even with your talent, are often cast in films which are overwhelmed by special effects, and that roles that present real acting challenges are reserved for older women. Do you find this true? If so, what can be done about it?

Christina Ricci: I don't find that to be true. There are so many roles for young actors right now - so many opportunities. You can't blame a lack of roles for a problem in your career. I find that there AREN'T a lot of special effects movies with young girls in them. So I don't agree.

punky_99_2000 asks: Christina, what is your criteria for choosing roles? Director? Script? Co-stars?

Christina Ricci: All those things I may do a script I don't love so much, because I've always wanted to work with the director or a certain actor. Or I might not know anyone who's in the movie, but the script is so good. Usually the script and the character are what draw me to a film.

CincyKid35 asks: What are your hobbies outside of the theatrical realm?

Christina Ricci: I'm actually very boring. I like to do very normal things. We just bought a house so I've been spending time decorating. We have three dogs and a pool so I love to spend time with them And I'm obsessed with Spinning and I love doing it I just spend three months in Europe so I'm so glad to be back to Spinning. And I love to spend time driving in my car - an Audi A4.

trentvaughn asks: What happened in between Addams Family and the Ice Storm? There seemed to be a bit of a transformation there.

Christina Ricci: I did a few movies in between them. 4 movies. I grew up a little bit. I don't really know what else happened.

Raj1224 asks: Do you miss Raul Julia and what he brought to the screen?

Christina Ricci: Absolutely. He was such an amazing actor. He didn't get as much acclaim and recognition as he deserved. And he was one of the greatest father figures I've lost in my life and I really miss him. It was a great loss for the film industry and theater - he did some wonderful work on stage.

purermos asks: If you could work with anyone....Who would you choose?

Christina Ricci: Scorcese, I know everyone says that. He's so fantastic.

the_vanishing_son asks: Do you want to direct a movie someday?

Christina Ricci: Maybe, I don't know - it seems like an awful lot of responsibility.

uziel2000 asks: OK. What is your motivation in taking such odd roles? Which you do stupendously by the way.

Christina Ricci: I must be very odd, because I don't think of them as odd roles. My motivation is to try to do things that are interesting. To do things that haven't been done, that will challenge me. I like playing roles that reflect real problems that people have. Growing up the stories I read in magazines were my role models and on screen I never saw those. And it's really isolating as a teenager. So I try to do roles that convey that.

idstarved asks: Have you read any good literature recently?

Christina Ricci: I'm trying to get through the classics from A to Z. The last one I read was Cousin Bette by Balzac and I can't really recommend it.

daytonadryan asks: Has it been difficult to shed the Wednesday Addams image?

Christina Ricci: No not really. I've done a lot of work since the Addams Family and I don't care to shed it. I love that character and I'm proud of my work in those films so I don't mind her.

cinephilegentleman asks: If the world were to end today, which movie would you best like to be remembered for?

Christina Ricci: Probably Ice Storm. That's the movie that I think I'm most proud of.

incogyrl asks: Was it scary making the film Sleepy Hollow? Were there any pranks pulled on the set?

Christina Ricci: No it wasn't scary. Johnny and some of the other crew members seem to get endless hours of entertainment out of fart jokes. Someone brought a fart machine with annoyed/entertained us for 3 months. Lots of fart jokes and horse jokes.

joeyschmit asks: Do you have any plans to work with John Waters again?

Christina Ricci: No plans right now. I would love to but I don't have plans to.

equinoxe_uk asks: You've had many image changes, from the teenage look of Casper to being gothic to being a blonde, which is your favourite?

Christina Ricci: What I choose to be right now, is what I am. So I probably like the way I look right now. If not, I'd go back to looking the way I looked five years ago.

like2party_n_memphis asks: Do you think this is Tim Burton's best film to date?

Christina Ricci: I think because I'm in it, I don't have any perspective. I think Edward Scissorhands is his best film ever and certainly my favorite.

Marty2634 asks: Hello Christina, How were you discovered as an actress?

Christina Ricci: I was in a school play and one of the other kids mothers later told my parents I should do commercials and I started audtioning for commercials and movies as well and I got Mermaids. And it sort of all took off.

beck_15_99 asks: Was there any difficult scenes for you to do in this film?

Christina Ricci: No, not really. I'm really scared of just about everything and I don't really do anything life threatening. So alot of the horse stuff scared me and there are a lot of flames at one point in the shooting. So I guess that was the hardest part, pretending to be brave.

inspector_kobick asks: Not a question, but high praise for your performance in Buffalo '66!

Christina Ricci: Thank you

stephen_dedalus80 asks: Do you think living in Hollywood has changed you?

Christina Ricci: No not really I always wanted to live there because it is fantasy land and because I view it as fantasyland instead of reality, it can't really change me.

joyolivia asks: do you plan on going to college? if so, which institutions are you considering?

Christina Ricci: No, at one point I was going to go to Columbia. But I realized I was pretty ill-suited to go to college. But I may go later when I grow up enough to be responsible and do my homework.

chris_senior00 asks: If you could go back in time to a certain year, what year would that be?

Christina Ricci: I've always been a huge fantasy fan, so I'd probably want to go to medeval times. Actually i'd probably just want to go to Narnia.

peeboy81 asks: What was it like working with Courtney Love in 200 Cigarettes? She is a goddess.

Christina Ricci: I didn't work with her that much actually. The most I did was seeing her in the makeup trailer. She was great - I had a great time meeting her.

terriyaki_1999 asks: where do you want to be in 10 years? Still acting or something else?

Christina Ricci: I think I'll probably always act - as long as I have the opportunities. Maybe producing as well. But I'll always want to act.

cool_dude_2544 asks: Was receiving the Golden Globe nomination for "Opposite of Sex" very nerve-wracking?

Christina Ricci: It was actually just really, really exciting. Everyone in the industry knew who was going to win that. I didn't have any delusions about winning. The only thing that was nervewracking was ending up on a best or worse dressed list!

beshakis999 asks: Now that this movie will make you a mega-star :-) will you still do chats like this?

Christina Ricci: I'm glad you think so. Yes, I'll still do chats like this.

Christina Ricci: Thanks everyone for writing in your questions And I'll speak to you all next time!

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