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lowrider model cars

Web Master

Welcome to our new site. We hope this new look will help make this site grow into one of the best sites online for custom lowrider model car building. We have a even fatter site coming up soon so stay tuned. If you have any feed back please write me at any time. I would love to hear from you and see all your cars. In fact, we need new cars for our site so email me if you want your cars and bio on Mini Cruiserz Online!


We will have new cars made my me the  webmaster coming soon. I made a paint booth and went crazy with an airbrush. I have 4 cars going up on the site soon. Not to bad for a beginner! As soon as I finish the fourth I will post the pix. 


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San Francisco Cruisin'
Gold Rush (Click on Pic for more cars)
San Francisco Classic Cruisin'
Mexican Flag!

Club President

Hello, My name is Felix Villalovos. I have been making custom lowrider models cars for over 25 years!   Please email us at any time. You can send us pictures of your cars and we can send them back. The best thing is to email them to us. Don't worry about the size because we have high speed internet. I will add an art section that will be up soon. We also need art work for the site too. Our midi page will soon have local rap artists from the bay and the country if we can get some demos in! 



Click here for our midi music page
San Francisco Classic Cruisin'


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Disclaimer-The lowrider background on the following pages is a lowrider magazine trademark, in no way are we trying to steal the logo. The pictures on the non-member page were given to me by e-mail if your picture is on there and you want it taken off for any reason please contact me by all means. The music on the midi page were not created by me or any other members of the model club if one of them is yours please contact me and I will take them off the page. Thank your for your time, web master and president of the club FELIX VILLALOVOS.